“My parents were concerned, worried, and they just wanted him to get help.”

Recorded November 16, 2018 Archived November 16, 2018 01:53 minute
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Hello my name is Shadirah. Today is November 6 and I am interviewing my mother Teresa in reference to a family member dealing with a drug addiction. Me: who was the person in our family misusing drugs? Teresa: My brother. Me: Did he ever lie about his addiction to any of our family members? Teresa: Yes. Me: Did you or anyone else in family see him misuse drugs? Teresa: I haven’t…I’m not sure of any other family members. Me: Do you know if he has ever stolen from the family to get money for his addiction? Teresa: He has stolen a lot of times. Me: Like what? Teresa: Stole money, stole money orders that were written out for utility companies. Me: How did his addiction affect our family? Teresa: My parents were concerned, worried, and they just wanted him to get help. Me: How did his addiction affect your relationship with him? Teresa: I noticed that he wouldn’t be around the family a lot. My relationship with him was still the same.. it was fine. Me: And how did.. how do you think the coped with his addiction? Teresa: It’s stressful, but you know everybody’s learning to coop with it and work together to get him the best help. Me: Do you think the people who hung out with had an influence on his drug use? Teresa: Yes. Me: Did anyone ever try to help him with his addiction? Teresa: Yes. Me: How? Teresa: His oldest sister looked into rehab facilities for him. Me: Is there anything you wish you could go back and change about his addiction? Teresa: I wish he didn’t use drugs. Me: Has he regained you or… has he regained you or our family’s trust at all? Teresa: He doesn’t have my trust nor has he regained any other family members trust. Me: Alright I guess that’s it. Thank you, Teresa, for talking to me today.


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