Mysia Cole and Greg Stemm

Recorded January 29, 2020 Archived January 30, 2020 39:44 minutes
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Greg Stemm (59) talks to new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Mysia Cole (36) about his childhood in Ohio and moving to Florida in the 1980s. Greg talks about being diagnosed with HIV in his twenties and how that shaped him. He reflects on his involvement with the pride parade in Gulfport, FL.

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Greg Stemm (GS) grew up in and around Columbus, OH. He talks about moving to Florida in the 1980s.
GS talks about becoming aware of being gay. He didn't fully come out until he came to Florida.
GS reflects on his aptitude for the arts and writing.
GS talks about his father's career, which took the family to Pennsylvania for a time.
GS reflects on his parents' reaction to his coming out. Over the years, GS says his father has become more comfortable with his sexuality.
GS talks about how his diagnosis got him involved in LGBTQ rights.
GS remembers being diagnosed with HIV. "It was absolutely terrifying," GS says.
GS describes the events the library puts on during pride march.


  • Mysia Cole
  • Greg Stemm

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Gulfport Public Library

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