Myyuh and Hany Osman

Recorded September 27, 2022 Archived September 27, 2022 42:01 minutes
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New friends Myyuh (31) and Hany Osman (33) talk about their work in music and film. They reflect on their early experiences with art, on what makes a place home, and on building community in New York City.

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Myyuh and Hany talk about their earliest memories of music and their early taste in music.
They talk about the different mediums that they like to consume and work in. They reflect on the possibilities of both digital and analog art.
They talk about the use of music in filmmaking and reflect on how sound operates in film.
Hany talks about his work in filmmaking. He reflects on the subjects to which he gravitates and the kinds of stories he seeks to tell.
They talk about their personal and artistic connections to Egypt.
They reflect on what makes a place home.
Myyuh talks about her musical aspirations.
They talk about finding community in New York City.
Myyuh talks about building community through HAZA, which showcases the music of the Middle East and African diasporas.
They talk about what is to come in their creative lives.


  • Myyuh
  • Hany Osman

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