Nahlyee Bryant and Meshiya Smith

Recorded May 7, 2021 Archived May 7, 2021 10:58 minutes
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Nahlyee Bryant (18) has a conversation with his classmate Meshiya Smith (18) about navigating school, what it means to be the only athlete in the family, and their hopes for college.

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N talks about being the only athlete in the family, and how he plans to support his family.
N talks about being a football player in school.
M talks about her plans after graduating from high school.
N talks about being passionate about photography and music.
N talks about his interest in coaching others.


  • Nahlyee Bryant
  • Meshiya Smith

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00:01 My name is Natalia Bryant on 18 years old. Today is day, is May 7th 2021 from Oak Park, Illinois.

00:14 My energy partner is Messiah and she's my friend and Football Manager.

00:22 Okay, my name is Wyatt Smith on 18. Today's date is May 7th 2021 football game.

00:42 All right, you can start asking your questions.

00:47 Okay, I want to go like The Heavy Hitters.

00:54 I don't start with. How would you like to see yourself After High School? Like, I personally really know you just outside of football from social media.

01:18 You know, I just want to be successful when I get a degree in my family.

01:31 I just want to have a good life. I'm better life and my parents and their parents before them.

01:40 I'm giving you.

01:44 He good overall.

01:47 I want like Financial things to the word families, for sure.

02:11 A lot of fact you can make it and make it in, then I feel life, make it in business, make it in whatever degree. I guess I do feel like there is a lot of

02:30 High pressure.

02:33 Yeah.

02:36 Football real fashion for Motown.

03:05 I can't really speak for him. I know he doesn't feel special. I know he's actually still stressed.

03:15 But I'm not sure. I can be sure to what degree but yeah.

03:23 Why would you say that? Like, it. Strengthens our relationship as brothers, or?

03:33 Well, the definition of y'all ready for 3 football, I believe that without football still be strong.

03:45 If I would have bought it and something else, but I would say football has been the biggest Barn for me and outside of that. You know, I was having the same struggles throughout the years. I've made her strong.

04:20 All.

04:23 Are you like Johnson questions off of each other?

04:28 You repeat that.

04:34 Sky view of like to ask some questions. I need to see how you can do that. What are your plans high school yet? What are your plans for after school?

04:51 I'm going to you. I see first 4 years.

05:01 I don't know what what I want to do with my degree outside of like,

05:18 The offer is that? What do you what do you want to be after college? Like where do you want to be in your life?

05:25 I'm just happy. I want to be like, financially stable. I don't really care what job I have. Like, I want to be happy.

05:37 Isaiah.

05:42 What are most passionate about doing?

05:48 I am definitely passionate about.

05:53 Play Selfie by my happiness and my family's happiness would drive. Me is happiness.

06:14 Is there any like profession that makes you happiest or I could make you happy?

06:22 I used a customer service, if people weren't so interesting, is that

06:40 Make people happy.

06:44 Okay, and just customer service. I like them. We're basically like Marshalls or

06:53 It would be like anywhere honestly like

07:10 Eyeglass exam question about you.

07:14 What?

07:16 What are you most passionate about?

07:19 Longwood fashions.

07:21 Could you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

07:25 Or no would be preferable for the rest of their life with why? You can't you can't hit like you can't. That's kind of where I'm going to be in my life. But I saw the football and I'm passionate about art photography music, passion about business person. Having my own. I don't want to really work for another quote on quote, the man. I want to be my own boss. I'm there.

08:13 What other Passions?

08:16 I like coaching coaching. I like teaching. No Deal. What? I know. The younger generation is pretty cool.

08:31 Yeah, so don't know my package from the things. I love to hear.

08:37 Aspire to do.

08:40 Say after, you know, you stop a football football.

08:49 For sure, for sure, you know, that I made that, you know, thank God at the high school coach and become a college coach and maybe NFL coach all the time with my way up. But even doing that, I still want to have a business behind me. Again, wouldn't be relying on football hundred percent. I would still be making money for something else.

09:28 Was just like NFL players to get traded or get fired same thing. Can I put two coaches and high school and college so on and so forth. So you never know. We always got backbone that backup plan. But yeah, I would love to be

10:04 Oh, no. She disconnected.

10:09 Bro.

10:14 Okay, so we recorded 10 minutes. Do you want to stop the recording here? Now or?

10:21 Should we wait for messiah to reconnect?

10:36 Messiah. I see a third person but I don't see that the window.

10:51 Okay. I'm just going to stop the recording now.