Nancy Rowsey and Kent Anderson

Recorded March 24, 2023 Archived March 24, 2023 49:39 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Nancy Rowsey (64) and Kent Anderson (78) discuss their significantly different political views, their fears for our country, and find common ground around their lived experiences.

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Both partners share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Kent describes life with eight children, thirty grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.
Nancy describes becoming "fiercely independent" after losing her husband.
Kent describes visiting all fifty states in an RV after his wife passed away.
Nancy describes her upbringing in Richmond and becoming an HR executive.
Kent describes how the church shaped his life.
Nancy shares why she is an atheist.
Both partners discuss their different personal political values.
Both partners share their concerns for our country.
Both partners share solutions they believe would improve our country's future.
Both partners share what they will take with them from this conversation.


  • Nancy Rowsey
  • Kent Anderson

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