Nancy Toruno and Tricia Penniecook

Recorded January 28, 2022 Archived January 28, 2022 27:33 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Tricia Penniecook (51) and Nancy Toruno (37) share a conversation about Tricia’s work in public health, her goals of uplifting women and minorities in leadership, and the bond they share.

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TP describes her first memory of NT. NT remembers being inspired by TP.
NT asks TP how her personal diversity has helped her think outside of the box when addressing public health issues.
TP talks about the value of diversity, inter-professional representation and teamwork in making decisions and finding solutions.
TP talks about the positives and challenges of her mother being her role model, and describes the things her mother taught her about leadership. She talks about the challenges women and minorities face in leadership.
NT remembers feeling like she could relate to TP. TP describes her purpose as being to inspire women and minorities to leadership. She discusses some of the expectations of women in latin communities.


  • Nancy Toruno
  • Tricia Penniecook

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation

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