Naomi Love and Charles Wiener

Recorded October 23, 2022 Archived October 23, 2022 38:22 minutes
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Naomi Love (27) interviews her uncle Charles "Charlie" Wiener (64) about his involvement in the YouTube Pipe Community, the highs and lows of his life, his perspective on family, and the life lessons that he has learned along the way.

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CW remembers how he got involved in the Youtube Pipe Community (YTPC).
CW describes the YTPC.
CW reflects on what community means to him.
CW explains why he feels like he "grew up late."
CW talks about the highs and lows of his life.
CW appreciates his relationship with his wife.
CW describes how his relationship with his parents evolved over the years.
CW reflects on what being a parent and uncle means to him.
CW talks about his siblings.
CW shares his hopes for the future.
CW explains why making space for positivity is important.


  • Naomi Love
  • Charles Wiener

Recording Locations

Clark County Library