Natalie Wise and Sandra Scott

Recorded October 27, 2021 Archived October 27, 2021 53:48 minutes
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One Small Step partners Natalie Wise (41) and Sandra Scott (62) talk about their experiences of race from their perspectives. Sandra talks about overcoming abuse from her marriage and using her experience to fuel her writing, and Natalie talks about her marriage, motherhood, and her Catholic upbringing.

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SS and NW share their intentions in doing One Small Step. They talk about race. SS shares about her experience as a black woman and NW talks about how she came to understand more about racism within the last year of her life.
SS shares her experience as a black woman in professional spaces.
NW talks about her upbringing and her Catholic background. SS talks about her family and how she learned about race within her family.
SS talks about her career as a writer. She talks about becoming a Christian after her divorce and how she used that experience to fuel her writing.
NW talks about her two hobbies, making candles and blogging.
SS talks about her father, who was abusive, and her ex husband who was also abusive to her. She talks about how her experience with her ex husband shifted her worldview and helped her understand herself better.
SS on creating a group called Ladies in Weighting to encourage self-esteem among other women. She talks about her daughters and the men they married.
NW talks about her marriage with her husband, Nick. She talks about having a miscarriage.
NW shares her feelings about the Catholic church and SS shares her experience being raised in the Baptist church.
NW and SS talk about their feelings about people who share their same beliefs.


  • Natalie Wise
  • Sandra Scott

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