Nathan Metsinger and Mark Garriott

Recorded August 24, 2023 Archived August 24, 2023 44:37 minutes
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One Small Step partners Nathan Metsinger (no age given) and Mark Garriott (38) discuss their lives and roles within their community.

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Nathan Metsinger (NM) and Mark Garriott (MG) discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
NM talks about his grandmother teaching him how to play the piano.
MG looks at his community and how it is perceived by people who visit.
MG talks about the Republican debate that aired last night and how they talked over one another constantly.
NM discusses living in other places and his love for his children.
MG reveals his love for travel and how he likes to plan everything out.
MG and NM discuss how they present themselves to those of differing beliefs, by judging how they believe they should respond.
MG looks at how he feels about his current job.
NM describes his work to MG and how he looks at it.
NM talks about how he tries to create the best environment for his employees.


  • Nathan Metsinger
  • Mark Garriott

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