Neha Misra, Janie Chuang, and Anne Gallagher

Recorded June 9, 2021 Archived June 8, 2021 42:00 minutes
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Colleagues in the anti-trafficking field, Neha Misra (51), Janie Chuang (47), and Anne Gallagher (57), all share their "lightbulb moments" of memories that shifted their perspectives in their work. They discuss the complexities of human trafficking and how it's understood today, trace the progress of anti-trafficking work, and share what they wish they knew when entering the field.

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TRACK 1 Neha shares a memory from her work when she traveled to Indonesia.
Janie talks about a conversation she had at an anti-trafficking conference that shifted her view of sex work and trafficking.
Anne shares a memory from her anti-trafficking work that shifted her perspective on the work.
Anne talks about the societal rejection of complexities that prevents true understandings of trafficking. She discusses harm that is inflicted by large institutions that lack this understanding but engage in the work.
Janie talks about peoples' refusal to understand the lives and stories of survivors of human trafficking.
Neha shares her opinion on the term "human trafficking", and Janie reflects on early conversations of human trafficking and its recognition as a labor issue.
Anne explains how her and Janie's work in human trafficking, with new tools and language, connects to Neha's background in labor rights.
Neha talks about the complexities of getting funding for anti-trafficking work.
TRACK 2 Neha, Janie and Anne reflect on what they wish they knew when beginning their careers in anti-trafficking.


  • Neha Misra
  • Janie Chuang
  • Anne Gallagher

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