Nicholas Palisch and Stephen Burdett

Recorded August 8, 2022 Archived August 8, 2022 50:41 minutes
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One Small Step partners Nicholas Palisch (43) and Stephen Burdett (62) talk about their political views, major life moments, and their careers.

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NP asks SB about his drive to run for office and his hopes for his grandchildren.
SB asks NP about his academic career and talks about the loss of his brother to AIDS.
SB talks about his volunteer work with United Way.
NP talks about his upbringing, his changes in career plans, his sexuality and the challenges that posed for his life in Missouri.
SB talks about his mother and how her career in nursing helped him with his epilepsy diagnosis and her recent death.
NP talks about his relationship with his maternal grandparents.
SB shares his political views and shares his thoughts on the two-party system.
NP critiques democracy and how money impacts politics.


  • Nicholas Palisch
  • Stephen Burdett

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