Nicholas Welsh and Timothy Welsh

Recorded March 18, 2023 Archived March 18, 2023 38:58 minutes
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Nicholas Welsh (33) speaks with his father, Timothy Welsh (75), about growing up in Chicago and moving to Atlanta.

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Timothy speaks about his birth and explains that he was the fifth baby. He talks about his family living in a double flat with family.
Timothy talks about his father being drafted after Pearl Harbor. He says his mother raised three kids after his father left for the war.
Timothy explains that he grew up in Lake Forest, Illinois. He speaks about going to the beach during the summer.
Timothy talks about going to boarding school in Niagara Falls, Ontario at a Carmelite seminary from ages 14-18.
Nicholas asks Timothy how the seminary education influenced him.
Timothy shares his experiences attending Catholic schools.
Timothy speaks about his family going to therapy after his younger sister Maureen attempted suicide.
Timothy shares some of what his father spoke about concerning World War II.
Timothy talks about his college experience. He says he left the seminary and attended Loyola before returning to the seminary at Marquette then went to seminary for Southern Illinois University.
Nicholas asks Timothy about the counterculture that was happening on college campuses.
Nicholas and Timothy talk about the shooting on the Kent State campus.
Timothy talks about meeting his wife at Southern Illinois University. He says he applied to law schools he was accepted at Pepperdine, Loyola University New Orleans, and Emory.
Timothy explains that he had visited Atlanta with his best friend Mark Baker, and he never thought he would live in the south. But, Timothy says, "Atlanta was of the south, not in the south."


  • Nicholas Welsh
  • Timothy Welsh

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Atlanta History Center

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