Nicole Hiers and Ruth Jones

Recorded January 29, 2022 Archived January 29, 2022 40:50 minutes
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Nicole Hiers (35) shares a conversation with her mother, Ruth Jones (65), about a sudden storm that destroyed their home in 2012, and the challenges their family faced afterwards.

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RJ and NH describe the day of the storm, and remember trying to get everyone to safety.
NH remembers trying to round up all the animals in the house during the storm. NH and RJ describe going to NH's sister's house.
RJ asks if NH feels like her life has been different because of the storm. RJ talks about the challenges her sister faced afterward. NH describes the mental health toll of the storm's aftermath on her father.
NH talks about the event shifting the way she thinks about "being blessed." NH and RJ reflect on faith and religion, and the idea that only good things happen to good people.
RJ talks about the loss of her sister. She describes what has changed for her since the storm.
NH describes how it's difficult for people to fully understand the gravity of the storm and its traumatic effects.
RJ asks NH what she would change if she could go back. NH reflects on how historic moments can feel mundane for the people living it.


  • Nicole Hiers
  • Ruth Jones

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