Nicole Raphiel and Feleceia Benton

Recorded October 18, 2019 Archived October 18, 2019 36:03 minutes
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Friends Nicole Raphiel (49) and Feleceia Benton (36) discuss how they ended up living in DeSoto, a "majority minority" suburb of Dallas, their perspectives of education, and what they want for their community.

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NR remembers meeting FB through community work. NR explains how she became involved in City Council in DeSoto.
FB describes why she moved to DeSoto, Texas.
FB explains her family's love of music and education.
NR talks about her children and their education.
NR explains why she decided to homeschool her children.
NR talks about DeSoto's successes.
FB talks about learning to develop DeSoto as a majority minority community.
NR talks about the upcoming census and its importance in validating DeSoto's successes.
FB discusses the importance of having a shared vision as a community. NR talks about the value of creativity in a community.


  • Nicole Raphiel
  • Feleceia Benton

Recording Locations

Dallas Public Library: North Oak Cliff Branch