Nicole Thibodeau and Claire Coté

Recorded March 16, 2023 Archived March 16, 2023 41:12 minutes
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Nicole Thibodeau (42) speaks with her friend Claire Coté (41) about family, art, and her career path.

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N and C describe themselves and reflect on what they do and don't have in common.
N shares what brought her back to Taos, New Mexico, and what makes it special.
N explains why she moved to Kansas and describes that experience.
N speaks about her family history, her parents' stories, how they came to Pilar, and their life there.
C and N recall how they first met through N's dad.
N describes what has influenced her art and how her art relates to her life path and future.
N shares about her education, how she came to work at the library, and what her art is like.


  • Nicole Thibodeau
  • Claire Coté

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