Nina Telesca Magnani and Sharon Telesca Feurer

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Sisters Sharon Telesca Feurer (60) and Nina Telesca Magnani [no age given] remember their mother and father, Mary "Pearl" Telesca and Donato Telesca, and share memories they have of their family.

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Sharon asks Nina who has been the kindest to her in her life. Nina shares that she thinks of moments of kindness and talks about the kindness Sharon showed her when she was going through her divorce. Nina talks about different moments of kindness people have shown her.
Sharon talks about moments of kindness she has received. She talks about their mother, Pearl Telesca, who would care for her when she was ill. She remembers her mother saying to her, "when you hurt, I hurt."
Sharon talks about her parents having the biggest impact on her. She shares some of the lessons she has learned from her parents and shares that she has received a sense of playfulness from her father, Donato. Nina shares that she feels the same about her parents and talks about her mother's sense of style.
Nina asks Sharon where her happy place is in her mind and who she would want there with her. Sharon shares that her happy place is somewhere outdoors with friends and family together, the sea nearby and an incredible sunset.
Sharon asks Nina what is one of her happiest memories. Nina talks about her experience of bringing two children into the world and now experiencing them as friends. Sharon talks about walking down the aisle and remembers feeling pure love.
Sharon shares her favorite memory of Nina. She talks about going to Burgundy for an anniversary celebration and recalls asking the band if her dad could play with them since he played the bass. Sharon remembers turning to Nina and saying that she saw her grandmother in their father during his performance. Nina: "It was magical."
Nina talks about her spiritual connection to God and shares that she never feels alone. She talks about her decision to shift her career at 40 and says she has never looked back. Sharon talks about feeling proud of her marriage. She shares that she loves her husband and feels that they bring out the best in each other.
Sharon talks about getting married at 42. Nina shares that her sister is a model of what a relationship needs to look like. Nina remembers thinking when Sharon got married she didn't lose a sister but gained a brother.
Sharon talks about being a massive worrier. She shares that life has shown her that things usually work out for the better. She shares that she wishes that Gerald got to know her mother better.
Nina shares that she does not have a problem making decisions and identifies as a risk-taker.
Sharon talks about wanting to tell her younger self to not worry and be happy. Nina shares that her mom would tell them 'let go and let God' and shares that she finds herself saying the same words.
Sharon talks about missing the sound of her parents' voices. She shares that she has had an amazing ride and life has been wonderful. She talks about love being the answer. Sharon: "Remember me laughing, let the band play on. See you on the other side."
Nina talks about feeling grateful for the experience of feeling life, love and pain. She shares that she wants her kids to know that they are never alone and that everything will be okay. Nina agrees with Shannon that love is the answer.
Nina shares a dream she had of being flooded in light and talks about knowing that her father was in a good place.
Nina asks Sharon what song she would want played at her funeral. Sharon shares that she has a playlist. Nina talks about experiencing SoulCycle for the first time.
Sharon asks Nina how she is able to drive such long distances.
Nina asks Sharon what the secret sauce to a good marriage is. Sharon shares that it is respect, trust, the ability to laugh at yourself, being able to say, "I'm sorry" and being grateful.
Nina asks Sharon what her superpower is and Sharon shares that it is her ability to be able to laugh at herself. Nina shares that her superpower is that she does not have any gray hairs even though she is 50+ years old.
Sharon shares that her father was a character. She remembers both her parents as coming from Italian immigrant families who valued hard work and prioritized education in their children. Sharon talks about her mother having wonderful fashion sense. Nina describes her mother as someone who represented the purest example of love.
Sharon shares a story of their father's tenacity.
Sharon lists Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, RBG and other angels as people she wishes she could have dinner with.
Sharon asks Nina the most important lesson she has learned. Nina shares that the most important lesson she has learned is to not listen to the voices of other people in your head.
Nina talks about how her life has been different than she imagined. She talks about her divorce being a sad moment in her life. She shares that she feels grateful for being able to stand back up, to start walking and then eventually running.
Sharon shares that she does not have any children but does not feel that she is missing out on anything.
Nina talks about the tradition she enjoys the most in her family.
Nina shares that she is proud of their Italian ancestry.
Nina talks about feeling close to her mom and dad when she cooks and makes good business decisions. She shares that she would get choked up looking at recipes after her mother passed. Sharon remembers the bolts of fabric she would look at with her mom.
Nina shares a memory she has of her mother. She remembers her mother taking her to get jeans when she did not get the lead in the school play during senior year. Sharon remembers when Nina and Cindi tried out for cheerleading.
Nina thanks her sister Sharon for paving the way for her and her sister. Sharon talks about gathering family and friends together. Nina: "Thank you for being a wonderful example to Cindi and me."
Nina asks Sharon if she wishes she had an older sibling. Nina and Sharon talk about looking like boys when they were younger because they had pixie cuts. Sharon shares a story about the time when she was mistaken for a boy.
Sharon talks about different nicknames her family members had. She shares that her mother's nickname was Pearl because of her birthstone.
Sharon talks about the current coronavirus pandemic. Sharon and Nina talk about making memories in spite of the pandemic.
Nina talks about what she has learned during the pandemic. Sharon talks about feeling gratitude. Nina shares that the months in which she was able to spend with her adult children was priceless.


  • Nina Telesca Magnani
  • Sharon Telesca Feurer

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00:05 Hi, my name is Sharon telesca. Feurer. I'm 60 years old. How did that happen? And today's date is Monday November 16th 2020. I'm in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey and I am having the conversation this evening with my dear sister Nina magnani telesca.

00:33 Hi, my name is Nina telesca. Magnani. I am 50 plus years old can say we had to be specific today's date is November 16th 2020. I am located in the heart of Pennsylvania and my

00:55 Conversation partner is my dear sister Sharon who is a fun-loving humorous human being who's a hipster and she is actually older than I am and this is exciting.

01:12 There are you taking up the first question or am I?

01:18 You can you can go first if you want whatever you want. So can you tell me about a person who has been kindest to you in your life?

01:29 Okay, so when I think of kindness I think of moments of kindness because I think there's so many people in our Lives who are amazing. And and so I can remember I'm going to give an example when you were the kindest to me and I'm not going to get all teary, but when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and with your my divorce, and I probably called you 1000 times a day.

02:03 The curfew in rock call after 10 p.m.

02:10 So yes, and I will never forget that moment because it saved me and and then I think of you know a moment that Angelina my daughter, of course 23 when I was it was after a surgery and she had made a blanket for me and it's a blanket that I still used to this day and I wrap it around my feet sometimes at night and I just think of the love that was put into that and then another time I think of

02:42 David Junior my son who when I had eye surgery he and I had a black eye after he actually colored SpongeBob with a black eye.

02:54 Dino IDs in I think it's moments like that and and Cindy and a kind moment when I you know was in the hospital on December 23rd before I get B came to visit and I was nervous about my house being you know, when she said you want me to come to the hospital and there's so many moments. So now can you tell me about the person who has been kind as to you and your life or moments of kindness from people that you remember?

03:21 Sure, and I'm with you there because I think it is. It's about the moments. It's not necessarily A day or a person and you know, I have to go back to our mother of pearl telesca who just not just for us and in caring for us growing up and you know, I remember suffering migraines is a child and her just knew being in the room and cold compresses soothing songs and just caring for me and you should someone who said, you know when you hurt I heard and I understand that and she truly didn't mean she was that compassionate. She was that kind. So that's the person I think of most and to your point Nina a lot of other people along the way but she's kind of the epitome for me.

04:18 Absolutely, you are her example to me. So her living example, thank you made the biggest impact impact on your life. And what's one thing they taught you. Who do you think you've had the biggest impact on so far?

04:41 Biggest impact I mean and I guess they do it again. It goes back to our parents. I would say both of them. It's not one both and just hard work tenacity stick-to-it-ness strong moral fiber and ethics and also a sense of fun. Particularly Our Father Donato who is the real character playfulness that went along with that and then I think from both sides of the family musicality, which I am grateful for and grateful to them because of that and I think you know things now that I think about my bucket list and where I want to go and it's the Royal Albert Hall to see a concert or La Scala in Milan to hear an opera and that comes back.

05:41 From a very humble Italian immigrant family that had a lot of love and compassion and camaraderie and dinner table. So again, it goes back to who my parents are my resting and I did answer the question.

06:03 You asked me.

06:05 Say ditto and and I will say yes, so Dad sense of culture how it shaped our lives and and I would also say well in his sense of travel which I mean you are the world traveler and I will say that our mother for her sense of style because it was up to Dad wearing his shorts and high knee socks was not knee socks.

06:37 Exactly, and I think we were fortunate in having a good point about dad. Even you know, I share with them Nina's daughter Angelina Love of reading in that something that I know that came to me because of my father and you're pulling books off his shelf. So actually I just to say so, of course we stayed at your apartment this weekend. Thank you and Elaine and I stayed there and I have to take a shower and I looked at your shoes and I bought number one Sharon shoes. That was your nickname right when you were at the same time. Thanks to Joe friends.

07:26 As you serious so it's Aaron shoes and speaking of style. I literally said to Angelina on the car ride home. I was like, oh my God, Angela and Sharon such a hipster. Like she has all these like him Transit. I find out like, you know, where in Pennsylvania we find out 10 years later, you know, and but we live Ten Years Later in the Scranton area cuz I can finally get to us that much longer after work. Exactly. So if you were to have a happy place a place you can visit in your mind when you're feeling down, what would that place look like and who would be there with you?

08:12 So and having gone through some of these questions like I thought about that a lot and I don't know if it's a good thing. Things and it's not necessarily a place. It's a feeling and it's generally Outdoors. It can be as I think about my friend's dick turn Xavier and their house in Provence and that could be one place. But I also think about our shore house here in New Jersey and you know, I have these visions of just this long dinner table and it's about friends and family being together music, you know the senior by some incredible Sunset and that's the joy that I get out of being a New Jersey as much maligned his estate can be and it would be you know, my sister's, you know if I could

09:12 Time traveler I would have my parents there. They're both deceased my dear husband Gerald my mother-in-law Gabby and just an amazing group of friends that are my extended family in life.

09:29 Sunita do I get to ask you anything?

09:32 Sure, but I'd like to go on that one as well on the happy place since we're on it because I have to say and I obviously were of the same cloth so your answers are.

09:47 Are my answers for the most part and I have to say one of my most memorable trips was in Zermatt with our family and it was magical. It was whatever 13 of us. And I mean it was magical and I have to say recently A friend of mine. I was telling her how we wanted to go away for Christmas with the family with 13 of us. And and she said why why is that why you like? Why do you want to do that? Why is it such a big deal? And you know why you just go on your own with your kids and I said because we love each other we might drive each other crazy, but we love each other.

10:24 Agree with you on that. So on that and I think this is a harder question because I always liked general feeling. So what would be one of your happiest memories?

10:39 Happiest memories

10:48 Well, I know you wanted to share one is not that one but I will say like and this is more of the Miracles to of witnessing.

11:06 Two children, you know coming into the world and and then experiencing them.

11:15 You know, it says really like growing and you know when David Junior just gave flowers to his aunt Madonna for her birthday yesterday. I didn't have to tell him, you know what I'm saying? And I just think like

11:30 I don't know. That's the experience of bringing children into the world is something that you know, I haven't had my you know, it must be absolutely amazing. I am grateful for that.

11:45 A mine would be walking down the aisle and again moments not my wedding day, but part that was most terrifying to me and as a Leo people would be like to be Center Stage dance. Like no, not really. I was terrified of walking down the aisle and I just remember like exhaling and being on my dad's arm and everything just went white. It was like white light. I don't remember seeing anybody for a couple seconds if it was a couple minutes, but the only thing that I could share is that it was the feeling of pure love and came out of it as I described it as my father kind of tugging on my arm saying you sure you want to do this.

12:45 That's probably my happiest memory That's a classic Donato moment. Oh, absolutely.

12:54 And then so memory of you.

13:02 Sao memory of me. What do you mean? So my favorite memory of you El Sol in this is the story of being in the burgundy region of France and it was my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary of the year was 2008 and we talked about both my parents to not on parole talaska. My mom had to buy that time and we are invited for this amazing celebration at Chateau Mar. So so this beautiful castle and my father was a engineer by education A salesperson by vocation and a musician by avocation already talked about, you know, some of the musicality of the family

13:50 So he also spoke no language other than English and foul, but they're we are in France and we are at a reception outside under this glorious tree and just perfect weather and there's a band that's kind of strolling the grounds. And of course he gravitates to the band members and one of them is playing a stand up bass which was our fathers instrument. So because he doesn't speak French and the bass player doesn't speak English. They have my husband Gerald come over and he starts, you know, helping to translate talking about songs. And what have you so fast forward we go into the reception and you know, we're seated and the band's going table to table and

14:38 People are requesting songs, and my in-laws were very generous invited both Nina and our other sister Cindy who is unable to attend and then a handful of friends and my father was sitting next to a dear friend of mine named Esther and with this the band came over to our table and my father looks that Esther and says, oh no, here we go. I'm going to have to sing for my supper and I had her first broken with the band leader who had talked to my husband and said, we'd like your father to you know stand in for one of the songs that my only request was. He was 8 years old at the time and said like please choose a slow song. He probably hasn't played the bass in 20 years.

15:24 So sure enough, the band leader comes over hands the base over to my dad tells him you a couple songs, whatever. My dad's like, yeah, I can do it and they're my dad in the middle of the best reception for probably over a hundred people stands up and starts to play at 80 years old and you want to take it from there.

15:52 That people at our table to have stood up and stood towards the back wall just listening and watching and everybody just getting such a kick out of my dad playing. I'm your most people didn't know he was musician. Obviously we did and one of our other friends Margaret who is there with her husband Felix captured the moment in which were so lucky about or because in the moment Nina and I were standing there and I was behind her and we were watching my dad play the bass and I had this incredible sense that

16:34 It was like my grandmother his mother who had passed away eight years before and it was just one of those few we thought her. Yeah that we saw that it was if it was my grandmother ya no playing the bass and saw like that. That was what was going through my head and I don't even know me. You know, how we then like did you say to me or did I say to you and to me? I just saw Grandma and I'm getting the chills right now. So

17:07 That is the moment that will forever be with me because it just is the power of our angels and our grandmother is you know is a partier and always loved a good time. Yeah and your dad and the fact that you know, we were fortunate that Margaret captured the moment. She just capture the moment of Two Sisters watching their father play the bass didn't know what more was more of the spiritual element of it all. So yeah, that was my favorite memory of you and you know talk about your uncle's I think that was just one of them like Grandma me over there with us. It was magical it really it was magical and I've actually since spoken to

18:07 People I mean, you know what Jesuit priest that I was doing some spiritual work with and when I told him he said, of course, you know what I mean? It was just so it was so cool that it's there. Is that other layer that when I think you could be in touch with it and just have an awareness to it because I think there's moments like that that happened so often and we're so not in tune out of Body Experience. Maybe I don't know but amazing and one of the best memories in my life, so

18:57 Nina what are you proudest up in your life?

19:05 Proudest of so I would say

19:11 On a spiritual level of that.

19:14 I rely on God and so I'm never alone which is reassuring me and I'm proud of the fact that I'm not embarrassed to say it. I'm proud of the fact that I always loved interior design and obviously mom did too and it's something I always wanted to do and that I decided to do it when I was in my forties and I don't regret it forever a moment of my life. So it's never too late. I think Jimmy that was

19:50 You know, I feel like it was the grace of God because I started if you remember taking graduate are classes at Marywood University. And when I asked I wanted to take the history of architecture class and they said no you can't take that because that's only open to graduate students and interior design and again to me this is

20:14 Timing whatever you want to call the universe, but when I said to the woman will I didn't know you had a graduate program in interior design and she said will were just starting it. You know, she was really rude meme the last I got some message. So that's when I you know, my path had turned and I ended up doing what I love and so I'd say I'm grateful that that happened and what about you? What is I am so proud of you and I'll give you so much credit for following your path and falling that Vision because starting out of Engineers not necessarily money coming out of school, but it wasn't something that you know, just let you up or you were passionate about her gave you an outlet in an Avenue for your creativity.

21:14 You know and you just be pivoted you have reinvented yourself and what you've done in your career, and that's just incredible and you know age is just a number.

21:30 The Hyster 60

21:33 What I'm most proud of is my marriage, I love my husband and we are really good team. And I think we you know, bring out the best in each other. You know, we're good point-counterpoint and is it I've said it often that it's one of the easiest things I've ever done. That doesn't mean it's not work it is but she is a blessing and you know, I've been to so many people of your women who were unmarried in their forties as I was just it made sense to wait and I think about you know, who I might have wound up with if I got married at 27 and was engaged and instead, you know, I wait until I was forty-two plus I have to wait until he turned 30 because 29 +

22:33 41

22:40 So yes and hashtag relationship relationship goals for me or all the listeners. That's why your name like became sherald for Sharon and Alden to really the two of you are as it is has become one. So, I mean you're a model of what relationships

23:03 Cookie dough need to look like so thank you so much. You're welcome. I remember saying that I I didn't lose a sister. I gained a brother and you did and you are older I won't say how much older

23:26 Pfister

23:31 Yes, okay. I have a question. Is there anything you've never told me or our family?

23:40 But want to tell us or me now.

23:59 How about you? Is there anything you want to tell me or family that you've never told?

24:07 You know our family's pretty communicative and we tell each other when we love each other and we may not always feel like we treat each other like we do love each other, but we know that that's always another tattoo, but you know, I'm not sure if I will and I will never get one.

24:34 Medron just preference.

24:39 How about okay so regrets?

24:44 Rugrats

24:47 You know, I am a massive Warrior and I regret that General about how I walk through life because life has shown me so often that you things work out and things work out the way they're supposed to do and the best but I think it's something that you know, I didn't have any control over. I regret that Gerald didn't get to spend more time with our mother and I talked about that, you know, because he only got to know her it was less than 4 years and she was sick for half of that time. So, you know, he just didn't know her that well.

25:36 That I regret. I wish you knew her better and just had more time with her.

25:42 And what about you Nina?

25:47 I feel like we all have the chance to redeem ourselves. So yeah, I would say I think

26:00 We're all you know, we all have a second chance, I guess so, I like to look at it that way, you know, and I know like I struggle for example of when the kids were little uneven now like with yelling and I think you know, it's like you can only use that excuse so long that you were you grew up in a family that yells but I don't like myself. When I am at that point. So did to be at peace is really the goal, but we're all human but I do have a question for you. So

26:30 What traits do you admire most in yourself? And I know you just said about worrying. But and what what is it what age

26:46 So it wasn't what do you minor in yourself the most and which trait do you wish you could change?

26:54 Admire most I'm grateful for connecting the dots quickly. So I don't know if that's intuitive Ness and then being able to practically put

27:15 Whatever into play because of that weather that business or personal.

27:24 Like I guess that's it and also having a good sense of humor about myself and life. Just do you know, sometimes it's a release or a relief and a challenging business situation or personal situation and one sister with the next question stuff. I want to change about me. I got a long list.

27:44 Okay talk to straight to do you most wish you could change probably patients are learning to be more patient, you know. A lot of stuff work and understanding my self-worth and not because I'm hard on myself. So what kind of beat myself up over a lack of patience and worrying as I've mentioned before just to let go, you know, one of my mantras from one of my Yogi's is you know, I am well I am happy I am peaceful. So peaceful right kind of get stuck. That would be a good thing for me.

28:36 And you

28:42 So I would say

28:45 The treat that I admire and myself, I think when I look at a friend who could never make decisions sometimes I I guess I make decisions. I'm not I don't have a problem with making decisions. I would say that I am a risk-taker and that could be my best quality, but it could also be my worst Quality quality can be your worst. So yeah, so sometimes you know, I admire that I can take risks and then I wish that I could change sometimes and I don't take those risks, but we all can you know, I don't think as long as it's nothing damaging, you know, most things can directed toward was that and dad used to always say, you know, you're so impetuous.

29:36 Is voice comes through me sometimes and I could hear him?

29:46 Exactly. So I have a question that is not on the storycorps 25 questions. What would you tell your younger self? If you could give your younger self advice?

30:00 Don't worry.

30:10 Yep, that's kind of like, okay.

30:15 And what about you?

30:19 Well, I think of what Mom used to say who would always say let go and let God and I used to get so angry and I don't know why but I think now that I find myself saying those same words and the Mantra and and really trusting and I mean, those are the same things I say to my children and even with Angelina looking for an apartment this weekend and they put in their application in New York and you know the hermit they wanted and I said to her, you know, you did everything right? You just have to let go now know I mean, I think it's the lesson in life that we can't force things that we just have to trust trust the universe and things have a way of working themselves out.

31:08 Ugly. Yeah, I think but I think it's like when you hear it when you're younger, you don't want to hear it because you want things to be a certain way. And I think it's I think the older we get the more we realize that we don't have control of things. We can control ourselves, but all those external things that happen in our lives I and I think you know what I think if I had to stay to myself like when I was younger like pay attention, you know that there's no coincidence. There's no sense and and those things happen. There's there's cues in life and they're they're coming your way for a reason. It's just like when I signed up for that class for my Master's Degree, you know, what was just like I didn't have to sign up for that class. Like why didn't you do you think of how things like are laid out for you if you're walking in the right direction and learn.

32:08 Time to you. No pay more close attention to that and also, you know when the hair goes up on the back of your neck and no danger in her stay away from

32:25 Okay, KO if there was to be if this was to be our very last conversation, is there anything you'd want to say to the world to our family?

32:42 That anyone was very interesting that you asked that because of course I thought about even doing this interview and in recording my voice for posterity. I'm not sure who it's good.

32:59 I entered and again I think about loss I think about our parents and I doing miss the sound of their voices, you know neither of them.

33:11 We're fragrance where is and that's usually something that triggers memories for me. I mean Dad would wear whatever fragrance somebody gave him and hum to new here, but I would just say that I have had an amazing ride life has been pretty wonderful and love is the answer as you know, whether that's try or cliche or and just

33:52 Remember me? Laughing let the band play on and see you on the other side.

34:02 And how about you? What would your last conversation be? What would you say?

34:09 Bad, I am grateful to have the experience.

34:17 Of sharing life and love and pain at all of that and that

34:28 People, you know, we're putting our lives for a reason and that I hope I

34:34 I was a good example for my children.

34:40 And that they know that they're never alone.

34:47 And the trust to trust that things will be okay that everything is okay and

34:54 Just pay attention.

34:57 Yeah, and I loved your love is the answer because it love is the answer.

35:04 Yep, and your children know that they are loved.

35:10 Absolutely.

35:14 Are You Afraid on that note

35:24 I'm really not I mean I eat I think sometimes about the pain but if there would be pain I'm having been through surgeries and what have you but I don't know but again like I've had a really good run. I don't want to go tomorrow.

35:48 In and out and I think more to I think about the people that you leave behind and

35:55 They're paying their loss interesting to see what's out on the other side.

36:04 And are you afraid of dying?

36:07 No, I'm not a toy. You know, I think of after dad died. I mean, I think he died. What was it 2 days after mom's birthday. I can remember and it was like not on the day maybe was two days before and so I remember you know, when you talking about the light when you got married that I had dreamt that, you know, it was just my dream. I was just flooded with light and flooded with light and I knew that

36:40 You know, he was he'd arrived that he was he was in a good place and

36:47 I'm not the awareness and I'm grateful that I had that dream that I remember it because it it's real and so I think right that I'm grateful to be here and able to discuss this and thankful to storycorps and younes for making this happen. And for our nephew Steven Han for making is happening and you're right when you had mentioned about being able to hear voices on I don't want to hear those voices like but if we were able to hear our parents would and I think to Sharon like, who do we sound like do we sound like, you know one of our ancestors, I mean, you know, who how do you know like we could I mean I've been in a car I was in a little while ago with them.

37:38 Was actually Rob lettieri and his father and this was my God 15 years ago. And I remember hearing his father in the back seat and it was like his son was talking it was so bizarre like so I think of those things like who do we sound like, you know, so yeah voices are so important in this is such a cool thing that happens and I love listening to storycorps. I think is it every Friday? I don't know is it I can't remember anyway, it's so great. So what a cool idea who ever thought of it? Absolutely.

38:20 But now it's like

38:24 Thinking about

38:27 Just letting you know the

38:30 Mom and dad and where they were and also in a talking about dad passing when we had the the wake and we decided for the lunch that you knew there was going to be a three-piece jazz band. I remember our cousin Linda say she's like, oh my God. She's like this is the best funeral I've ever been to a strange and someone else one of our cousins was there and she just said she's like, she's like, I just keep thinking at any moment. Your father is going to walk in the door and asked me to dance, you know, if it was Doris who had said that and it was just such a tribute and just such a celebration of his life and you know, our parents lives as a couple that and I too felt like they had to know been reunited and we're both in a better place.

39:30 And so what song do you want to play when they have a band at your funeral? Oh my God. I'm a bolt playlist high maintenance. Just pick one up the queen song which then playing my head a lot Don't Stop Me Now is one thing but I guess so. I don't know how you play the Hat.

39:56 Other one, which is not also appropriate when your dad is going to be my wake up song The Sun is another one that I just it just resonates with me and it just makes me happy. So those kind of things and I think the queen song Don't Stop Me Now is more motivational love, you know, you can do whatever you set your mind to get going and it you know makes me want to dance but I would like a band just so you know, okay.

40:34 And how about you? What's your song?

40:37 So when I just was writing this question down to ask you I thought when we first of all I'm going to digress for a moment when we went to SoulCycle for the so I don't remember when that was but that was my first experience at SoulCycle in New York City, which was amazing because it's iconic and and when the instructor knew that it was my first class and she asked me what song and I'm thinking. Oh my God, I think about how many songs are out there like on your on the spot. And the first one that came to mind was Ray of Light by Madonna and I just think like when I hear that song like I will I can just get out of any music I can dance and I just love, you know, the implication of ray of light. I mean because light has so many meetings and and we're talking about the light a lot in this conversation. And so it's

41:27 Yeah, I think for me that would be

41:30 My favorite for the superstars. Anyway, what's your favorite food? What would be your last but I'm making in jail having this conversation.

42:03 Take me to my playlist is the message there?

42:10 Thank you.

42:12 We're making up the rules.

42:19 What else do you got name?

42:30 Are there any things about me that you've always wanted to know but never asked?

42:40 Where do I have hair extensions so that

42:49 Complimented me on my long.

42:59 No, I just I get well, yeah one thing I want to know about you is how do you stay in the car? How many thousands of miles a year?

43:12 I told you my previous life. I think I was a some type of professional driver. So I know it's just a weird thing dad was a traveling salesman and you know, so who knows I could have driven right from New York City to central Pennsylvania, but I went from New York City to Scranton stopped home and then drove another 2 hours central, Pennsylvania. So I don't know how you do it. So that's my question to you. I don't know how I can talk on the phone. Sometimes we are not I say the rosary actually because it forces me to sit still.

44:09 While you're in motion.

44:16 That's probably yeah, it does it. It's centers my focus. Apparently I need that practice does that I'm just sit in my lap.

44:31 Yeah, yeah, that's a good point and I'm trying things out. Is there anything about you that I've always wanted to know, but ever ever never asked you?

44:46 What's the secret sauce to a good marriage?

44:51 It's I think it's a lot of the stuff that you hear respect trust the ability to laugh at yourself being able to say I'm sorry and probably more important. It is just to be grateful and we are work truly grateful and I like doing for him and he likes doing for me and takes that for granted so, you know, and we're blessed we don't argue. We don't argue much at all. But, you know the handful of times from what was that about why you know, but we we walked through it and it's just it's constant communication and I think to the foundation of the relationship while and he grew up in Europe we grew up in northeastern, Pennsylvania similar.

45:51 Religious backgrounds, but it was having a the base of a strong family background of Ethics in the importance of family. And it also helps we have a lot of things in common. We like to drink wine. We like to eat. So it's like entertaining both our businesses that we were in Hospitality for so long so very similar interest and also grateful now that we're not working for the same company in have other points of view and other things to talk about but it's basic time and sometimes it's everything I learned in kindergarten around 10.

46:39 And what's your power Sharon telesca feurer are my superpower the ability to laugh at myself. What about you?

47:00 But I don't have gray hair and I'm 50 plus years old at the same time Dad was around he would say I only give gray hair.

47:15 He would say.

47:20 That is absolutely your superpower in Port mine is now blonde because it's really great, but nobody's going to know that ever.

47:39 So what else do you need to know?

47:46 So girlfriend recording y'all have mentioned both your mother and father a lot on Pearl and Donato, and I know that one of the reasons that you both wanted to do this is because you are never able to get a recording of them of their voices and things like that to people who have never met your mother and father before if you could paint a picture with words just maybe even describing their voice. I know you mentioned the knee socks and things like that, but kind of bringing them to life with your words. Could you all do that?

48:17 Well, I would start my father is the easiest because he was such a character. So Nina Cindy are the sister and I anytime we would talk about my father voice would change it was like and then Donatos said you thinking about why are you driving 3 hours from Scranton to Harrisburg and back again? What are you crazy? We do that it was like as if we were on stage and like you do get into the character of Donato. So I'll start by saying he was a character, you know, you had two people who whose parents were Italian immigrants and both had some college, but you

49:08 Mom never had any college she went to with an accounting school or what have you two people who value of hard work and for us education was so important is Nina said that they you know didn't finish that Dad didn't finish college. My mother never went she went to learn more about whether it was the second trailer is coming school butt in a Nina describe that my mother had this incredible fashion sense loved finding a bargain shopping. She was the person who would go out on our lunch hour when she was working and and find dressed and come back with a new dress that afternoon to talk about immediate gratification. She was an accomplished seamstress and had a business of sewing draperies and duvet covers and pillows and what have you but she also

50:08 So dark clothing when we were children some of it out of necessity because funds were not necessarily abundant. But as I said, both of them just very hard-working people and my father was the day that will marry who was known as Pearl and Yanni telesca. So as you know, I took her last name legally, but I would say she Tumi represented the purest example of love.

50:43 Children love of her husband and she loved I mean family mother-in-law or for 23 years, right and just quiet pure love. And so I think if anything's I got from her hopefully besides her fashion sense was the that sense of Love & Faith really and Faith. She had the traveling salesman humorous musician husband whose humor she sometimes God who sometimes she didn't want to and they were just a team. They were tag-teaming, you know, my father started his business later in life, and she was there with him every step of the way and they would you know both credit each other.

51:43 With their success in business and then you were a team, you know, and they had their ups and downs, but they were definitely a team and instilled in us a strong sense of work out second sense of family. Absolutely and I will say to with Dad that his sense and ability and strong sense of business and business Acumen really for someone who is not formally educated but just did what he had to do and and made it happen and he was

52:20 He wasn't a finance major, but he knew how to manage a company and and and support all of us and Beyond and really and right mom was the tag team. I mean she did the bookkeeping and was really they were they were a great team. I mean what a great example of love? Yes, definitely Cassidy and also the humor our cousin was his business attorney. And at one point my father decided he wanted to fire one of his major clients and so he did but she wasn't getting a response and it was a CEO of a major company and my father would continue to pick up the phone and call and tell how get to the executive assistant and finally the attorneys for this very big fur for calling my cousin breeds that you got to get them to stop. This is not

53:21 My cousin Bruce is just like

53:25 Estoppel with him. You got an idea who he is and what he's about you think I can do it is cousin and not going to happen and all the season 2 Sisters you want but not

53:51 Get a lot of balls much pretty much.

54:00 And I think you're incredible that our parents and mom loved her since she was one of those people who you know, you never knew that there was a favorite because everything was fair and square and that's how she rolled. What I do have to give credit to our father was that with three girls. I never got the sense of humor wished. He had a boy, you know where that we as girls were not enough and we were always the telesca girls. My girls didn't matter that we are not 50s or 40s or whatever age. We were we were the girls. So they and because we are not three thanks to Donato for sure.

54:52 Graciousness thanks to Mom. Exactly, you know and I think the risk taker part of me was Dad all of his dad, you know all the way up being risk taker and I-10 I look at you and say wow, you know, and I stayed the course in my career and kind of stain along the same path and probably went in the direction that I am.

55:18 It was hoping to more of the marketing side which allowed me to plan to the creativity, but I do know so I can admire your ability to Pivot and be successful in what you've done had each step of the way. Thank you. You're welcome.

55:43 So what else?

55:48 If there was anybody how much time do we have Eunice?

55:54 So if you could meet anyone anyone.

56:02 Planet alive or deceased who would that would be there? So I'm going to go with that. I'm going to reverse then going to switch off the question a little bit. I would think Nelson Mandela Mother Teresa RBG

56:37 Who else?

56:44 I would love to see some of our you know, our angels and Elders does my husband says thank those who lived before us like Grandpa telesca, Grandpa John Moore to Grandmother's to be able to have that kind of conversation and understand, you know from whence we come in and Mom and Dad just to have that one more conversation. And then the others is more of a worldly view, you know people like Mother Teresa very selfless Mandela having been to Robben Island and seeing that she'll say I love how he could be so forgiving and, you know come out of that situation and lead a nation your post apartheid.

57:34 Tell me my dinner guests. Probably Jimi Hendrix. I don't know his by but I know how about you, Nina?

57:51 I'm going to ask you to come to come up with your own question.

57:57 Snap

58:01 Bad girlfriend you are for sure.

58:12 Aunt Missy

58:18 What is a soul?

58:20 And maybe we touched on this. Is there a most important lesson that you've learned.

58:28 Most important lesson

58:31 I would say.

58:33 Like yeah, it was he most important lesson I would say was not to listen to other the voices of other people, you know that get in your head really the darkness and I think it's so the most important lesson for me as we continue to talk about light isn't a in the light and that we can always look at the you know, we can always turn things negative. So I think that's the most important lesson to me is stay in the light and

59:09 Yeah, so because you know, I mean, you know that voice in your head that is monkey. Mine does weed stay in your gun, you know, all the naysayers and that little nickel no, no. No, you can't do this or you didn't do this and why didn't you do this? No fun. So I think about it's too it's like in for you and I'll answer the question but you for you for so, how is your life different from?

59:40 What you imagined it to be?

59:44 That could be very

59:48 Happy

59:51 Then I imagined.

59:54 I will say.

59:58 I like using my imagination.

00:05 I think that's because being divorced is really a sad moment in my life for me and not a proud one, you know, and that whole feeling of

00:20 Feeling like a failure because we always say no one ever plans on being getting married and being divorced. That's why I'm saying that can go to that very dark place, but I am grateful to the grace of God for being able to stand back up and

00:38 And keep walking and then eventually, you know start running and

00:44 So yeah, I think you know, I like to reimagine and I think that's what you said about Reinventing. And so for me, it's it's Reinventing and reimagining and and imagining and I'll everyday so

00:59 Yeah, how about you?

01:01 You know, I think that in in some ways, you know, whether it's going up in a small town or a time and place when we did I thought that you know, it was going to be going to college and email find some guy in wind up getting married. And you know, where is you have a career for a couple years, but it would be like and I think moving to Connecticut white picket fence the golden retriever and 2.5 kids and that's what I thought life was going to be. You know, I always knew I wanted to be in the New York area. So the fact that I'm still here now 30 years later after moving to the city in 1989, I got 31 years later so, you know that again and also you're getting very much later and

02:01 Not having children, although you know, we tried it didn't work for us. And I think it was one of those experience of going through you in vitro and miscarrying that brought us that much closer or I am in awe, you know, my husband who hates needles hates hospitals was involved in the process from start to finish. In fact, it was one of your birthday parties. I can't remember I won't tell you say which one would like to go into the back office and 40 with their ego. He had to give me like my needles that night, but we literally, you know left in the middle of the party just took our 5 minutes off we went but you know, so again. We we know possibly have children and you know again being grateful for what life gives you and we have an amazing life.

03:01 We have an amazing relationship. So is it different from what I thought it was going to be? Yeah sure, but I wouldn't trade it for the world and I have amazing sisters and nieces and nephews and dear friends and mother-in-law. So all good.

03:19 Monkart absolute and I speak a little French. So are you

03:42 Anything else we haven't covered.

03:46 But you know what we talked about. We've been talking about Stanley a lot.

03:54 What are the Traditions that you like most about our family? That's a good question. I like the tradition that were willing to break tradition.

04:06 Reader Reinventing re pivoting Matt reimagining. Yeah, I think you know as well as I said earlier in the conversation that going to Zermatt which was the first time that we all left the area and created a new tradition and going away was just incredible and I think him and I will say for me, you know having children that are the time they were 14 and 17 that it took them away from their friends and I got to have them all to myself and that's I think and really to have our family are all to ourselves then again, you know, as you said love is the answer if brought all of us together for Better or For Worse about travel

05:06 Is that you are or I am I feel very present in the moment when everything is new and even when you know, you're looking at here is on my list of 10 things to see and do but it's that unexpected turning the corner and seeing something that just is remarkable and you know stays with you but I would also comment that you know, I think what we did in that truck note we did not trip was brought some of the Traditions with us. So the Traditions that I enjoy with the family is, you know, the Feast of the seven fish on and Fishes cuz you don't think dishes fishes on Christmas Eve and what that's like and they're not that also the fact that we sing Christmas carols. So, you know that Zermatt trip again Cindy and I coming off the mountain to go to the fish store and we had ordered it from the wrong.

06:06 Store an hour away, but they brought it to us anyway and sliding down the mountain. I can't tell you how many times in my language got very colorful about the third time around. I just the family moment of the three of us, then we went out onto the balcony and saying and do the people who are next. It was just like a perfect Silent Night moment with the view over the Matterhorn and a brilliant star filled sky and the neighbors know applauding us afterwards, but it's just those are like to the Traditions like that night is so special to me, you know and important just to kind of keep popping it and it's morphed as you know said that we've changed things up just to make it relevant or make it appropriate for you know, what?

07:02 City or place that we're in I am very proud of our Italian ancestry and the fact that we continue those Traditions that were part of our family and I love the fact that when you got tested through that it came up that what we always thought of being 100% Italian is was actually actually have one last thing that like, so I'd like to say like my message to the world if I had to give a message, so she want to give it first you want me to go first.

07:54 So I think will not I think I know my message would be that.

08:01 It's never as bad as it seems that there are whenever it seems so so bad good always wins in the end is always wins and that just love just take a step back and take a step away get away from the fire and just

08:24 Love yourself and love others.

08:29 Temporary. Yeah, this is temporary. This is not the end.

08:38 Green well said

08:42 Thank you. I think that's where were our sister said nearly Love Theme. Fabric. Yes, exactly.

08:54 Speaking of fabric

08:59 I think both of you and I think that's a mommy thing because we both have this if you remember going to the Fabric Mill in Jessup, Pennsylvania have such fond memories and going to the fabric store with Mom like instead of making clothes like in there certain smells like you're saying like they didn't have a scent but to me or like cooking, you know, I mean that to me is when I feel closest to mom and dad like cooking with Dad. I think it's you know, making smart decisions in business with Mom. It's more about you know, when and I do like I think for the for so many years after she died and just looking at a recipes like I would get choked up because these are the recipe she passed down. Do you know on the back to the family traditions and it's it's her recipes and I'm with you, you know, and having my in-laws be french-speaking you do and I love to cook enough Ma.

09:59 Mom and Grandma telesca and Grandpa John magnani before them, but you know, I always say that it's like it's my contribution and I like doing that because you know, I can't always contribute to a full speed language in French, but I can contribute by making a beautiful meal on pouring love and care into it and thoughtful planning and providing something nice for family and friends.

10:30 Yeah, I bet it's it's funny that I read somewhere to that research about talking about going to the warehouse the fabric warehouses and I remember going with Mom and just the pulse of fabric and looking for new Treasures for whether it was a dress that she was making for us or you know a code and I remember the story about that. I want if she bought me a wool boucle coat that had like a little mink collar trim and cuss and Cindy saw and started to cry cuz she didn't have one mom being ever. Everything has to be fair wild up Sewing Center similar code of honor code to you. But that was her like everything had to be even so what's the name of the store in Pittston, Pennsylvania remember it was the jungle

11:31 No, but it was like

11:33 Roethlisberger or something? I don't know. I can't remember like edelstein's I think so. Yes, and I just remember like old wooden floors fabric chaotic everywhere upright treasure hunt and try to find fabric discount shopping in finding a Chanel bag that had been you know used in a runway show or was on display at Saks and getting to know the the sales clerks who would give her a tip off if they got any good items.

12:20 Yeah, yeah. Yeah another memory actually just real quick of mom with some I remember I didn't make the lead in the play senior year in high school. And you know, it's those moments. I guess you start to eat the more you talk about things but Mary Ann Cortez got the lead and something anyway, but she took me to Keefer's Army and Navy to get a pair of jeans and it was like, you know what it like made everything better.

12:57 As you say that to another memory is you and Cindy had tried out for cheerleader and you are trying out for junior varsity in Sydney was trying out for varsity and it was near the captain's role was on the line for both and I had been captain of the cheerleaders and I was home from school. So Mom and I are at the house. I don't know where daddy was. But anyway and

13:27 We're in a sitting there and wondering and what's going on and it's before the day's cell phones and we just hear the car beeping and you guys coming home and remember her looking and going what are the odds, you know, one of them both of them and you know, you both came in and had both.

13:49 Become captain of the cheerleaders were Old Forge, Pennsylvania. So I'm taking one of my psychology courses and

14:05 You're just talking to the professor or whatever. I had written and I cut it down play. It was like, you know big deal, you know who captured the cheerleaders of Old Forge High School and she just said she's like no that's important, you know, and it just it allowed me to feed a nod. Oh, I'm just, you know, whomever from small-town PA Sito grateful for the accomplishment, whatever it was and you know understanding there are those who are in better State and then there are those who are not and just being grateful for Where You Are

14:49 Yes, and thank you Sharon telesca Ferrer my sister for Paving the way as we followed in your footsteps, like little ducklings. I'm Cynthia two left hands. So even the way to cheerleading captain and then and then owning a beach house, which we could all stay not that money is everything because it's not but just to be able to you know, we continue that experience and

15:23 The joy of really enjoying the

15:27 The beach and to have ability to have that escape.

15:32 Am. You know what we enjoy doing is having family and friends and Gathering people together.

15:40 Celebrating holidays or just, you know a Tuesday night in the middle of the pandemic and ringing bells and blowing into a vuvuzela to celebrate birthday, and it was too windy so she couldn't hear us in front of the house and see some women. So thank you for being a wonderful example for Cindy and me. Thank you for being my little sister.

16:19 At some point I act like the older sister.

16:27 He said that this weekend it was Stephen Monica O'Neal. We were in New York. And I said, you know, I don't know how Sharon and Gerald do it. I'm like it was literally I walked over 10,000 steps looking for an apartment with Angelina and I was exhausted and I was like, you know if Sharon Gerald we're here they'd be like ordering their second bottle of wine now and it was I'm ready for bed.

16:53 I will look at each other and it's time to stop now. It's not about believe me. I think I'm pretty good. Natural is pretty well, but it's more about your ability to party.

17:24 I would say entertain is that better?

17:34 Sacral

17:43 Do you wish you had an older sibling? Who is my husband?

17:52 You know, it's very interesting that question. I mean, I remember when we were little eyes. Always wished I did I don't know if you or send you did beg mom to have a brother like, you know, if she got pregnant and married an only child in a Gerald has the perspective to stay in having lost to us both of our parents him his father. You know, he always says there was so many times that I would think it would be really great to have a sibling and have somebody else to bounce this off of which we had the benefit and then also sometimes the curse of the three of you can't come up with that p no consensus and what did you say?

18:52 Marie and I just thought even though we never had a brother. We looked like boys with our Pixies. Oh my god. When did you cry last time? I'll never forget being at the grocery store in Old Forge and I was in my like cheerleading jacket and he was okay. I think we could been a football jacket, but this little old lady comes up to me, and I hate my hair is short then as it is now and she can you pull up the can you give me that off at the top shelf years afterward one time for Halloween. It was just I wasn't going to go and then decided to go and dressed as a football player.

19:43 And it was one of our distant cousins of which I think we had. I don't know a hundred and Old Forge given the number of children. Both Grandma's sister had and grab his mother had and one of our distant cousins like came up to me and just like saying to me on my shoulder pet attaboy Sun.

20:06 During the Greco hearing anyway.

20:10 Laughing about grandma's funeral on all the Greco cousins in the front row. Is that Sharon? Is she the one in New York forget married?

20:29 Does she?

20:39 Mom used to get so upset. Oh, I know she would say, isn't she.

20:50 What do you know? Oh my God. They were Beauties. How many grandma?

21:01 Greco had how many kids 28? Yeah. Yeah. I remember an old boyfriend coming into Old Forge for one of our like, you know holiday trips and being out with Dad and just like every week where we turned we turned into yet another cousin and her are you just related to everybody in town? And I just like walk around going high cuz

21:36 Message of an Old Town, you know, exactly.

22:04 Ignore the crazy family stories

22:09 Yes.

22:11 The one about the horse

22:14 What about the horse?

22:18 The one the horse the horse know looks so good. Oh Italian the broken English of an Italian guy sold the horse personal looking so good. He's blind for ethical side of our family. I will we're going to say we learn from the lessons of our unethical ancestors dad's generation. Like Mom had a nickname, but they had all these nicknames and he's just like Weird Al Who's real name was? What was a Joe?

23:08 Others that he is ladylike who's the cheese lady, you know, I mean used to sell cheese and run around like a cheesehead cheese lady and then there was somebody else who was like the rag man in Oak Bank was Banky. All right, right, right. I don't know what Daddy's nickname was. I mean mom and just that story. You know that do sheep. Her mother had had a baby who died soon after childbirth whose name was Mary and then when my grandmother got pregnant couple years later my grandmother wanted to name the baby after the baby who had died. So she named her Mary. Well, my grandfather was having none of it and he said to my mother's oldest sister, I'm not going to call her that and my aunt Alma was going through the birthstone books and said, oh look, you know.

24:08 The baby was born in June and the birthstone is a pearl and you know, Grandpa John said, that's it. And that's what I'm going to call her. You know, so Mom grew up is Pearl and that too. I guess it was Kindergarten.

24:25 And Nae, you know said to her what is your name? And she said Pearl and show them what you had to bring in your birth certificate and a birth certificate said Mary so the teacher was like, okay kid thinks her name is Pearl. So hope she will call you Mary Pearl and she became very Pearl and through her school years and then as you know young adult and I guess went back Pearl on that's what most people knew her as just as crazy nicknames that hers was fitting. She was a pearl solutely definitely definitely.

25:09 So good memories, hopefully more making memories God willing absolutely.

25:25 Is it January 8th February?

25:29 It's been awhile. But thank you know, it's good that we have zoom cuz it doesn't feel or whatever. This is but you know technology for that you knowing and with the pandemic, it's just me and I was in a face-to-face meeting for two days in Boston last week and I have such respect and appreciation know I will always wear a mask, but you can meet these two full days 12-hour days because of the commute being in a place and just those health care workers do what they do on a daily basis and what they had to do throughout this, you know such that every time I think about

26:12 If I'm weary of the situation or sad because I can't see my friends and family. I just think about what they do regularly in and now what they have to contend with as the third wave contain marching on so

26:34 We'll get through it. Solutely. We will then, you know hopeful on the vaccines and what that looks like and we will be together again, we will travel again we continue to make memories in spite of the pandemic.

26:55 Exactly. Where did you guys completely off topic but what you guys go for dinner in the city?

27:05 Some tapas place. I don't know. It was just close and convenient, but I don't remember the name of it. Okay. What's the next time you come in? I'll hook you up with some reservations. We'll figure out where cuz I mean even that it's just everything keeps changing as the rules and regulations change of what time they open and what time and what capacity.

27:35 Yes.

27:37 Thank you. You're welcome. So what in the pandemic I know we said we didn't want to really talk about it much was why we avoided it. But what would you say has been your greatest learning through that?

27:56 Greatest learning

27:59 Is that people are very influenced by politicians?

28:08 Yeah that just I think the greatest learning was that Beast sensible, you know that people could be just it's just that they don't use common sense of what works what signs dictates would signs tells us. And yeah, I just looked rest science. No try to blow out a candle with a mask and see what happens. Like if you don't believe science. What about you?

28:43 You know the theme of gratitude kept coming up more of like if what we found two is it we were spending so much time down here at the shore, you know, enjoy being here enjoyed our time together and you know as I'm thinking about next steps of what and I can't say retirement because I like to work I'll continue to work just not full time, but just kind of envisioning what it would be like to be in Monmouth Beach and you know, I think it makes sense for us women will always have a toehold in Europe with Gerald's mom there but, you know, this feels good and even in the middle of a pandemic and we got out and we picked up our coffee and went to the ocean and you know, take some time to just appreciate the nature and say hi.

29:43 What this is not a bad gig and we're both working. Then there's so many people out there who economically are struggling financially or struggling so it it just helped us kind of see where we are now and in the positive hopes that when this is over that where we are is a good place and that and we would continue to get to stay here and to be here so the apartment in New York

30:21 Apartment will and I will say about the pandemic though. That was it really was the Silver Lining that I was able to spend those months with with my adult children. I mean that was priceless and I mean Angelina, I actually have a card that she gave me and you know, and she said it was so nice to be with you for the last 2 months and you know, she said you knew you made sure that David and I weren't stressed and had everything we could possibly need and I thought to me it was just you know, why because I looked at it as oh my God, I will never have this opportunity who would have thought that we would all be together and you know go for walks and do things that we would never would have done without this.

31:12 Pandemic that just consumes us agreed and you know it is it it's the blessings of it all and you know slow down a little bit of Brandy is it?

31:32 But I don't think we're alone in that but you know, she said the time with loved ones and again for Gerald and me because it says it five years down the road that you know, we're spending more time here in is this our retirement place or you know where work-from-home play sand and how would we do that? And then again, I don't think I'll ever want to give up a toehold in New York a mother that's the apartment or not. But you know what the case is heck. You can go rent a hotel room in the night. She went for a nice if you want to go into the city if we decide to give up the apartment fire.

32:22 Yep, Play Pandemic blessings 101