Niya Nyassa and Linda Joseph Byron

Recorded August 29, 2022 Archived August 29, 2022 31:08 minutes
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Niya Nyassa (23) speaks with her former teacher Linda Joseph Byron [no age given] about her story, learning to express herself, and her hopes for the future.

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N shares how her past and L's speech and drama classes influenced her choice of field of study and career.
N recalls her family's experience fleeing the Congo, and surviving a massacre in their refugee camp in Burundi that took the lives of her brother and sister when she was still a young child.
N reflects on how the massacre impacted her and her parents' lives. She describes her childhood in the U.S., and explains just how instrumental L's classes were in helping her find her voice and learn to express her emotions.
L and N discuss what theater can do for young people. N explains the difference between who she was at home, and at school. N shares about a monologue L assigned that gave her what she needed at the time.
N explains her original plan for her senior project, and her recent decision to step away from it until she feels ready to explore her story through art and share it with the world.
N and L discuss their experiences with friendship.
N shares her studies and hopes for life after college. L shares her own experience traveling after college graduation.
N reflects on what about herself she is most proud of.
L talks about her youth and her career path. She shares her love of teaching and writing.
N and L recall the speech N gave recently through the IOR Refugee Speakers Bureau that brought them back together. L shares how meaningful it was for her to hear how much N got out of her classes.


  • Niya Nyassa
  • Linda Joseph Byron

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