Noelle Trent and Charles McKinney

Recorded March 5, 2020 Archived March 5, 2020 38:55 minutes
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Dr. Noelle Trent (39) discusses with colleague and friend Dr. Charles McKinney (52) the experience of blackness throughout their early and current lives, pursuit of academia, and their experience in the subject of History.

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NT shares experience of blackness in PA; shares an experience from grade school; describes a time the ku klux klan desecrated her father's house of worship; CM shares experience of transitioning from MO to Santa Barbara, CA.
CM shares racist incidents at school and church in CA; shares about mother's reaction to his being placed on a remedial track, compares this to other students whose parents may not have been as engaged in their studies.
CM shares first impression of Morehouse and being exposed to variations of blackness; shares first contact with the civil rights movement; shares parents reasoning behind choosing their home in a predominantly white neighborhood
CM shares choice to pursue history; shares the importance of local activism and exploring those not as widely known within the movement.
CM and NT shares first encounters with the Civil Rights Museum; NT and CM share workshops they've done with teachers in Shelby county to add to the narrative of civil rights contributors.


  • Noelle Trent
  • Charles McKinney

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National Civil Rights Museum

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