Sue Kimball and Jennifer Kimball

Recorded August 30, 2008 Archived August 30, 2008 01:23:15
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Sue tells her daughter all about her life, from early childhood through school, career, marriage, family, and aging.

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Sue relates a childhood memory, and talks about her parents’ jobs and the places they lived.
Sue remembers her father’s death from a live flu vaccine.
Sue remembers how she met her husband, at a dance at the officer’s club.
Sue talks about why she became a teacher.
Sue describes fun things she and her siblings did with their parents.
Sue says she’s proud of her 6 kids and describes what each of them do for a living.
Sue talks about all 7 of her graduate fellowships.


  • Sue Kimball
  • Jennifer Kimball

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Nashville Public Library


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00:00 Have fun.

00:15 My name is Jennifer Kimball. I'm 55 years old today is August 30th 2008 and we are at the Nashville Public Library and I'm about to interview my mother and my name is Sue Kimball and I will be