Ola Sylvia Lamar Sheffield and Valeria Lynn

Recorded December 10, 2021 Archived December 10, 2021 36:12 minutes
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Friends and "sisters in Christ," Dr. Ola Sylvia Lamar Sheffield [no age given] and Valeria Lynn [no age given], describe their spiritual journeys, discuss the role faith plays in their lives, and give advice to those struggling.

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VL shares how God helped her in her journey toward sobriety.
OLS describes her spiritual journey.
VL and OLS talk about their mothers and grandmothers.
VL and OLS discuss the importance of faith.
OLS remembers her trip to West Africa.
OLS explains why animals should be treated with respect.
OLS and VL discuss the importance of patience.
OLS and VL talk about love.
VL and OLS give advice to those struggling.
OLS and VL reflect on the power of forgiveness.
VL and OLS share how they arrived where they are today with the help of God.


  • Ola Sylvia Lamar Sheffield
  • Valeria Lynn

Recording Locations

LeRoy Collins Leon County Main Library