Olivia Hernandez and Esmeralda Alday

Recorded November 28, 2022 Archived November 28, 2022 43:14 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Olivia Hernandez (65) and Esmeralda Alday (40) share a conversation about the importance of bilingual education in schools, building connections through plática, and the power of language to strengthen one's relationship with their identity, culture, and community.

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Esmeralda Alday (EA) describes Olivia Hernandez (OH) as being like a second mother to her.
OH describes plática and using it as pedagogy in school systems for bilingual education.
OH talks about centering plática earlier in the learning process and describes learning as being "all about relationships."
EA reflects on everyone having different language stories.
OH discusses the impacts of schools punishing the use of Spanish among students over the years.
OH talks about fostering ganas among students to recapture their language and culture, even if their Spanish isn’t “perfect.”
EA talks about not communicating with her primas and primos in Spanish now, despite them growing up speaking Spanish together.
EA reflects on unlearning old expectations of why bilingualism is valuable.
OH talks about bilingual education being about more than just language, including loving where you come from and having empathy for those with different cultures and experiences.
OH talks about the process of decolonizing herself.


  • Olivia Hernandez
  • Esmeralda Alday

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