Olivia Johnson and Leah Hazell

Recorded March 4, 2023 Archived March 4, 2023 48:35 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Olivia Johnson (38) and Leah Hazell (68) come together to share their lived experiences and talk through the complicated aspects of being loving parents. The two share in common that they came to One Small Step to welcome others' stories and share mutual respect.

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Leah (L) and Olivia (O) speak about what brought them here today.
O describes her troubles with how the people she agrees with communicate their beliefs.
L speaks to her experiences with loss as described in her bio.
O talks about her first memories of politics.
L talks about her kids, grandkids, and riding motorcycles.
O asks L about kids and gender roles. They talk about O's gender diverse children.
L shares about giving her kids "the talk."
L speaks to what surprised her about O today.


  • Olivia Johnson
  • Leah Hazell

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