"One of the most important things that we can do as earth scientists is help society plan for change." an interview with Thomas Wagner

Recorded February 1, 2019 Archived February 1, 2019 17:29 minutes
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Thomas Wagner, NASA's Program Scientist for the cryosphere, discusses how his life has developed to study the Arctic and Antarctic. Even though as a student he initially found himself bored by studying glaciology, he soon discovered a passion for polar sciences and glaciers as climate change became better understood. He discusses the critical role that AGU plays for connecting isolated researchers and developing people professionally. He so talks about how earth scientists can help society prepare for climate change at the local level by understanding specific challenges and variations. Wagner goes on to discuss the cold-weather challenges of bundling up at the South Pole and the geographic contrast between the Arctic and the Antarctic. (Recorded 11 December 2018)


  • Thomas Wagner
  • Sam Hedlund