“One of the most rewarding parts of my job has been opportunities to mentor people like you” An interview with Linda Geiser and Peter Nelson

Recorded July 31, 2019 Archived July 31, 2019 14:34 minutes
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Linda Geiser and Peter Nelson tell their own stories and reflect on the impact they’ve had on each other lives. They’re both currently with the US Forest Service but first met when Linda hired Peter after he finished university to work on a project involving lichens. He met his wife on that job and Linda says they’re two of her favorite people. Though they started out using lichens to study air quality, Peter continues to study them closely, now using remote sensing systems, while Linda is lead of an agency with a general focus on protecting air quality. They’re thankful for the people they’ve worked with while doing work they enjoy. (Recorded 13 December 2018)


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