Orangeburg Massacre survivor requests investigation and reflects on work as MLK's mentee

Recorded March 12, 2018 Archived March 12, 2018 25:39 minutes
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Joe Riley, Mayor of Charleston for 40 years, civil rights activist and Professor at The Citadel interviews longtime friend, Dr. Cleveland Sellers. They talk about what really happened during the Orangeburg Massacre in 1968 and why the event still needs to be investigated to help restore a fractured America. The two civil rights leaders also discuss Sellers' time working as a mentee to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and why young Americans need to hear and understand these stories. Sellers' was visiting The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, as a guest lecturer in Riley's spring course at The Military College exploring some of the stories that will be shared in the future International African American History Museum. The museum which Riley has spearheaded, will be constructed at Gadsden's Warf, a place where more enslaved Africans were brought to and sold than any other place in North America.


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