Oscar Gittemeier

Recorded February 19, 2018 Archived February 19, 2018 16:06 minutes
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Though libraries were important to him as a child, Oscar Gittemeier fell into librarianship while pursuing a Masters degree in Women’s Studies. It was never on his radar to become a librarian. However, working in the East Atlanta Branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library as a paraprofessional during graduate school, Oscar quickly saw the power of libraries as a tool for social development and community building. In this interview he talks with passion about the roles libraries can play in communities. He also shares his thoughts on the value of building relationships with other librarians through professional organizations like Georgia Library Association and Atlanta Emerging Librarians. (Interview conducted by Amanda Densmore / Audio edited by Casey Long with assistance from Charlie Bennett)


  • Oscar Gittemeier
  • Charlie Bennett
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  • Amanda Densmore

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