"Our role as geoscientists is to help people understand fragility and power of the world." an interview with Jackie Caplan-Auerbach

Recorded July 5, 2019 Archived July 5, 2019 18:25 minutes


“What is the earth saying to us?” Jackie Caplan-Auerbach is a volcano seismologist with the Western Washington University geology department. Jackie studies ice avalanches, which can happen at any time. Most ice landslides do not give warnings, but some do. Her research gives a better understanding of how volcanoes grow, and why and when they break apart. “The more we understand, the better we can prepare for them.” Jackie believes that we all have a duty to appreciate and understand our lives on this planet. “Understanding the planet is a fundamental part of what our role is”. "Our stability is tenuous - there is no planet B." “How lucky we are to be here.” (Recorded 13 December 2018)


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