Pam V and Zane Graham

Recorded August 26, 2023 Archived August 26, 2023 44:07 minutes
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One Small Step partners Pam V (59) and Zane Graham (23) discuss the differences in their religious beliefs and how they have come to understand different issues.

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Zane Graham and Pam V discuss why they decided to participate in the One Small Step program.
Pam discusses her children.
Zane talks about his hopes and dreams.
Zane goes into detail about the education that he is receiving at Friends University.
Zane looks at the parallels between the right wing ideology and religion.
Pam discusses how she came to her political beliefs.
Zane talks about how he met his wife.
Pam discusses how she met her husband.
Pam talks about the community outreach work she has been involved with.
Pam and Zane compare their religious beliefs.


  • Pam V
  • Zane Graham

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