Parastou Youssefi and Fariborz Massoudian

Recorded April 10, 2021 Archived April 9, 2021 35:27 minutes
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Friends Parastou Youssefi (40) and Fariborz Massoudian (58) share a conversation about their journeys as students of Islamic Sufism, and about the community relief work they've engaged in.

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FM and PY share a little about their backgrounds. FM describes his first experiences with the MTO School of Islamic Sufism.
PY talks about growing up with Sufism in her household, and describes her process of applying the lessons of Sufism later on in life.
PY and FM talk about the ethos of volunteering and service at MTO. FM talks about the relief work he has done with MTO in Texas.
FM mentions how a Texas congressman recognized MTO's work, and designated an "MTO Day." PY describes her own involvement in MTO's work in California, and reflects on the Sufi lesson that change starts at the individual level.
FM discusses how Sufism is intended to be practiced, and reflects on selflessness and service in Sufism.


  • Parastou Youssefi
  • Fariborz Massoudian