Pat George and Edgar Pando

Recorded October 3, 2021 Archived October 3, 2021 01:15:18 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Pat George (65) and Edgar Pando (30) discussed being a public servant and giving back to the community, the current political climate, compromise, sobriety, the impact their families had on their values and worldview as well as their hopes for the future.

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Edgar Pando (EP) explains why he wanted to do One Small Step conversation. He believes in StoryCorp/One Small Step mission and the importance of speaking for underrepresented people.
Pat George (PG) talks about his reason to do One Small Step: his daughter is doing similar research at Oxford and his background lends itself to such interactions and he believes in One Small Step purpose.
Both discuss the influences in their lives--EP his mom and dad and PG--his dad and mom and college football coach.
Both discuss their political values and the importance of coming to the table with an open-mind--recognizing that there's more than one path to a common goal.
PG asks EP about his political life experiences. EP responds that there's a communication breakdown because of the language.
EP talks about why he left the Republican party and the Trump presidency.
PG reflects on faith (religion) and politics and they both discuss this topic.
Both address their hopes for the future.
EP talks about underserved population and hopes for people to be part of the process and involved.
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  • Pat George
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Lead For America Friendship House

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