Patricia Evans and Brooke Soard

Recorded October 19, 2019 Archived October 19, 2019 34:21 minutes
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Patricia Evans (63) tells her friend, Brooke Soard (43), about her grandmother, Lottie, and the musical legacy that she left.

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PE describes her grandmother, Lottie's, childhood in Texas.
PE talks about Lottie being sent to finishing school where she learned to sing and play piano.
PE describes Lottie moving to and becoming involved in her husband's town, Seymour, Texas.
PE talks about Lottie's affliction with tuberculosis and how the disease impacted her.
PE reflects on her family's musical talents.
PE talks about her career and using music with her and BS' patients.
PE illustrates Lottie's generosity.
BS talks about the importance of memory.
BS describes her family's musical talents and learning to drum.


  • Patricia Evans
  • Brooke Soard

Recording Locations

Dallas Public Library: North Oak Cliff Branch