Patricia Medige and Anlan Du

Recorded May 13, 2021 Archived May 12, 2021 41:20 minutes
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Patricia Medige (55) talks with her daughter Anlan Du (20) about her path from college to law school to becoming a civil lawyer for immigrant survivors of human trafficking. Pat remembers some of the cases she has worked on and talks about misconceptions of human trafficking, and Anlan shares about research she has done linking human trafficking to Jim Crow-era policies.

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PM talks about her job as a civil lawyer at a non-profit, and her focus on human trafficking.
Pat remembers her time at college when she was still figuring out what she wanted to do with her career. She talks about her time working at a diner.
Pat talks about how noticing various instances of abuse of labor influenced her decision to go to law school.
Pat reflects on cases of human trafficking she has worked on that stand out to her, and talks about how many of them do not fit into stereotypical understandings of what human trafficking looks like.
Pat remembers a woman she worked with in a case once she was able to connect with over both being widows.
Pat and Anlan talk about the importance of networks in anti-trafficking work. Anlan talks about being aware of warning signs of human trafficking at a young age.
Anlan discusses research she has done linking human trafficking to Jim Crow era policies.
Pat discusses the many factors that allow human trafficking to continue, as well as the many misconceptions that people have about human trafficking.


  • Patricia Medige
  • Anlan Du

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