Patrick Butler and Nancy Duling

Recorded December 8, 2022 Archived December 8, 2022 53:25 minutes
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One Small Step partners Patrick Butler (71) and Nancy Duling (60) discuss Patrick's military service during the Vietnam War and their reluctance to express their political views in the current divisive climate.

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Patrick asks Nancy what nonprofits she's involved with.
Patrick recounts how he joined the Navy at 17 years old in lieu of being drafted for the Vietnam War, learned Vietnamese, and got involved with the work of signal collection and surveillance.
Nancy shares her adoption of three children from foster care. Both partners discuss the challenges of raising adopted children. Patrick shares his pride in his "blended family" and he's maintained a close relationship with his ex-wife, a Vietnamese woman who worked for his military unit in Vietnam.
Both partners discuss their frustration around the hatred they see in our country today, and their hesitation to discuss political issues due to that animosity.
Both partners share some of their past volunteer and fundraising work for local organizations such as Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice, Wichita Children's Home, and Grace Med.
Both partners discuss how difficult it can be for children to overcome disadvantaged backgrounds.
Patrick describes himself as having "progressive views," but is "fiscally conservative."
Both partners discuss their concerns for the future, including the healthcare system.
Nancy discusses why her grandparents were her biggest influences.
Both partners express feeling misunderstood by people with different political views and their reluctance to express what they are.


  • Patrick Butler
  • Nancy Duling

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