Patrick Hill and Rosemary Woolfitt

Recorded February 25, 2023 Archived February 25, 2023 40:01 minutes
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Patrick Hill (78) talks with his friend Rosemary Woolfitt (63) about his childhood in Nigeria.

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PH talks about his father’s work as a missionary in Nigeria.
PH talks about his mother’s baptistry portraits.
PH talks about traveling across the Atlantic Ocean on cargo ships.
PH shares memories of loading and unloading cargo at various ports along the Gold Coast in the 1950s.
PH talks about learning to drive a tractor on the mission compound.
PH remembers going to the movies in Lagos and the influence of British colonialism.
PH talks about being vaccinated for smallpox and malaria treatments.
PH talks about returning to the United States to finish high school.
PH talks about joining the Marines and Vietnam.
PH talks about places he has traveled for work and flying planes over the Panama Canal.
PH talks about his father’s time in seminary school.


  • Patrick Hill
  • Rosemary Woolfitt

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Atlanta History Center

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