Patrick Kraemer & Tracia Kraemer

Recorded May 4, 2018 Archived May 4, 2018 02:39 minutes
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We’re used to people baring their souls at StoryCorps, but this is a story about baring quite a bit more.

Ten years ago, on Tracia Kraemer’s 40th birthday, she wanted to do something she’d never done before. So she gathered her courage and paid a visit to the last surviving nudist park in the state of Louisiana, Indian Hills.

She figured she’d at least wind up with a good story, but as she remembers in this conversation with her husband Patrick, she came away with a whole lot more.

Tracia and Patrick married in 2013. Together they managed Indian Hills for several years.

Last fall, they took off in an RV for a year-long adventure visiting nudist establishments across the country.

Originally aired May 4, 2018, on NPR’s Morning Edition.


  • Tracia Kraemer
  • Patrick Kraemer