Paul Serrano, Sara Clark Serrano, and Paul Serrano

Recorded February 1, 2020 Archived January 31, 2020 44:22 minutes
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Paul Serrano, Jr. (31) interviews his parents Paul Serrano, Sr. [no age given] and Sara Clark Serrano [no age given] about their upbringings, their business at the Grand Central Market, and their aspirations.

Subject Log / Time Code

PS JR asks his parents about what they do.
PS JR asks his mother what she was like as a little girl.
PS JR asks his parents what their favorite subjects were in school.
SS talks about Grand Central Market.
SS talks about the future.
SS talks about the impact of owning a business.
SS talks about what she would do if she didn't own a business.
SS talks about her childhood.


  • Paul Serrano (b. 1960)
  • Sara Clark Serrano

Recording Location

Downtown Santa Monica

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