Paulina Castiel & Annette Weinberg

Recorded May 3, 2022 Archived May 3, 2022 24:41 minutes
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Paulina, during the war the Nazis would make their lives miserable. When she was four they were taken from their home in Romania and forced them into a ghetto where they waited to be taken to Auschwitz. Her father was taken by the Germans and put into a concentration camp. The conditions were horrible. They spent three years in the ghetto. when they were released they had no place to go. The Romanians took their home and their possessions. They were homeless until the Russians came and gave them a place to live.

After the war, her father was liberated, but was disabled and unable to work. Her mother had to provide for the family. They were able to leave Romania and move to Israel in 1950. The family lived in a kibbutz - she loved it and consider Israel her home. She married in Israel and had twin boys. Eventually they made their way to Canada, then to the United States.


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