Peggy Phillips and Candy Schriver

Recorded August 24, 2023 Archived August 24, 2023 49:11 minutes
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One Small Step partners Peggy Phillips (59) and Candy Shriver (55) discuss their life long relationships with Wichita, tragedies around human trafficking, and their observations about public education.

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Candy Shriver and Peggy Phillips explain why they wanted to participate in OSS.
The pair discuss poverty and social mobility within Wichita.
Peggy shares the story of her Father's health clinic.
Peggy and Candy share what they believe is working and not working in Wichita and local government.
The pair discuss human trafficking in Wichita, as well as the culture surrounding gangs.
Candy shares her experience and challenging with the Big Brother, Big Sister program.
Peggy and Candy share describe their own political evolutions.
Candy and Peggy share what is bringing them joy and what they'll remember about their OSS conversation.


  • Peggy Phillips
  • Candy Schriver

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