People know that drugs are dangerous, but people do them for the emotional high first, and the addiction comes later

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Subject B talks about her experience with losing a past friend who she had graduated high school with.

Rhian: “So who is it in relation to you that you’ve lost to drugs?”

Subject B: “Um it was like, he was a friend of mine but we also had like a romantic relationship at some point in highschool, but he was like a friend of mine when he passed”

Rhian: “Was it sudden or were there signs of the issue?”

Subject B: “There were signs of the issue”

Rhian: “And how has this experience changed your outlook on drugs?”

Subject B: “In some ways it sort of didn’t do a whole lot because I had seen it happening to him for a long time so it was something that I kind of expected, and it has happened to a couple people that I graduated with already. So I was already sort of at a point where I was like, my perspective of it had changed to where I like viewed it more negatively already, so it just sort of like reinforced stuff that I already thought.”

Rhian: “Was there a change in personality after the drug use started?”

Subject B: “Definitely. He definitely got a lot more like aggressive and like pessimistic and stuff”

Rhian: “Did they try to get help in the past?”

Subject B: “No”

Rhian: “And then did they realize there was a problem with his actions?”

Subject B: “I don’t think so. It definitely didn’t seem like it.”

Rhian: “Was drug use common in his family?”

Subject B: “Yeah.”

Rhian: “And then with this person had there been previous overdoses or other scares before they passed?”

Subject B: “Um. I don’t think so. Not that he ever like told me about.Um I know that like he was having to do drug tests and stuff like that but I don’t know if that was like because his family was scared or like a-, yeah I don’t know”

Rhian: “And then, personally, what kind of actions can be taken in order to prevent this from happening to other people?”

Subject B: “I think that it has a lot more to do with mental illness and getting that kind of support for people. So that they can like have other outlets for those kind of stresses and stuff because people know that drugs are dangerous but they do them anyway for like the emotional high first, and addiction comes later. So I think that we need better mental health care first.”

Rhian: “I agree. And do you think that can be taught to children?”

Subject B: “Yeah, definitely.”

Rhian: “Is there anything you would wanna tell people who are in a similar situation as yourself or your loved one?”

Subject B: “Yeah I think that it’s okay to bring it up because it’s a really scary topic, and like I never wanted to really be the person to say anything because I always thought that It would be like overstepping your bounds or whatever, but like it better to overstep your bound then like lose somebody who is important to you.”

Rhian: “What were the first warning signs you noticed?”

Subject B: “He started talking a lot more about like harder drugs and getting involved with like people who were a little bit more scarier and stuff. And he ended up getting arrested, like things started to get like a lot worse before like, you know…. He overdosed.”

Rhian: “Did the people around you, in like your schoolmates and stuff, have a common reaction to his loss or has there been a multitude of of different reactions?”

Subject B: “I think some people have had a different reaction because like some people are sort of acting like, it was like… I don’t know it's hard to explain because some people were more like “taken from us too soon” when really drug addiction is more like suicide, in my view. Because ultimately you do it to yourself kind of, even if you are struggling and battling that, but people act more like he was like you know murder as if didn’t do it to himself.”

Rhian: “And then, just from your perspective, who would you say has been most affected by this tragedy?”

Subject B: “I think like his closest family and like his best friends, were the most affected by it.. Because we had sort of grown apart because of the addiction, so by the time that he passed I was more, farther removed from it than some of his family and stuff. And even the people who he like, did those drugs with, were more affected by it.”

Rhian: “Well, thank you for sharing, that’s all my questions!”


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