People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Anonymous 3, "People feel like they cannot speak for themselves...they feel they'll be fired"

Recorded September 6, 2017 Archived September 6, 2017 50:50 minutes
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People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Anonymous, "People feel like they can't speak for themselves, because they feel like they will be fired." Anonymous tells me about what it was like to be raised by her Mother from Mexico and her father from the United States. Anonymous persevered through difficult relationships in high school to then put herself through college in West Texas. Anonymous has been known to attend church every day of the week and twice on Sundays and has a loving bound with her Mother to this day. Anonymous believes there is very little racism in the Valley and is proud of it. Though she speaks of discrimination and abuse of undocumented immigrants in the workplace. Proudly, Anonymous is courageous enough to stand up for those she witnesses this happening to and tells me about her experience.


  • Jackie Neale
  • Anonymous Three

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