People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Denny, "I wanted to go out and learn the world on my own, through my own eyes..."

Recorded September 7, 2017 Archived September 7, 2017 28:43 minutes
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People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Denny Bentley and I talk about being raised in the Rio Grande Valley by missionaries. In high school, Denny turned down the choice to be in AP classes at his high school so he could immerse himself into learning and creating art. After high school, he and his high school friend hopped into a truck with the ambition to drive until they ran out of gas. And while they did this several times over, they remained living on the road and eventually ditched the truck to begin train hopping.
When Hurricane Katrina hit, Denny and his friend hopped trains to New Orleans to begin volunteering in the recovering and rebuilding of the city. He shares found memories of squatting in churches to enable his stay in New Orleans to continue his volunteer work.
"Leaving it really made you appreciate it." Denny returned to the Rio Grande Valley, and as a skate punk, he would attend punk shows where he eventually met his artist wife, Christie. Christie and Denny have 2 children and both are contributing artists to their company, Wooden Arrow Shop.


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