People of the Rio Grande Valley BorderTowns: Fernando "Usually when I play my sets I want the drop to be clear when it's going to be there."

Recorded July 20, 2017 Archived July 20, 2017 36:10 minutes
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People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Fernando Torres and I talk about his goals as a computer science major and music DJ in the Rio Grande Valley. Fernando has organically fallen into the role of photographer's apprentice while I fabric artwork on a STEAM Artist Expert-In-Residency at the Mission EDC for June and July. Fernando is a talented photographer, as well as an intellectual app developer. Fernando and I became fast friends the day after I arrived to Mission, TX and has made me feel at home as a foreigner to the whole state of Texas as I have never been here before. [Correction: James Murphy, not James Walsh]


  • Jackie Neale
  • Fernando Torres

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