Philip Hayes and Dick Novotny

Recorded October 27, 2021 Archived October 27, 2021 51:06 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Phil Hayes (72) and Dick Novotny (73) talk to each other about their upbringings and education. They discuss their opinions about sports, the 2020 election, and racial inequality.

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PH and DN talk about participating in OSS and read each others’ bios.
PH and DN share about their Catholic upbringings and talk about what they believe now.
DN talks about his education, involvement with sports, and his career. He talks about living in Baltimore, MD and relocating to Texas, expanding on how his political views have shifted over time.
PH talks about coming to the US from England. He talks about his involvement with computer software work, getting married, and moving to Pittsburgh, PA.
PH and DN talk about their interests in sports. PH talks about the teams he supports and his time as a referee. DN talks about his years playing soccer.
PH and DN discuss diversity in sports. DN discusses his opinion on Colin Kaepernick’s career and PH responds.
PH and DN shift into a discussion of racial inequality in the US. PH talks about his understanding of racial inequality in England and in the US.
PH talks about how his consciousness of racial inequality increased after the killing of George Floyd. He talks about doing research that helped him understand how racism is embedded within systems. DN talks about his observations of violent protests after the killing of George Floyd.
PH and DN discuss the 2020 election and the impeachment trials against Donald Trump.


  • Philip Hayes
  • Dick Novotny

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