Ramatoulie Deen and Reshma Kamal

Recorded August 6, 2022 Archived August 6, 2022 41:30 minutes
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Friends, Reshma Kamal [No Age Given] and Ramatouli Deen (43), look back on their childhoods in India and The Gambia, describe their experiences immigrating to the United States, share how their role models have shaped who they are today, and reflect on how their many identities and life experiences contribute to the roles they play in their communities.

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RK and RD look back on their childhoods in India and The Gambia.
RD and RK talk about the religions that they learned about growing up.
RK and RD appreciate their parents.
RD and RK reflect on how their female role models have shaped them.
RK and RD discuss the many aspects of their identities.
RD looks back on her experience immigrating to the U.S.
RK shares what immigrating to the U.S. was like for her.
RK and RD describe the challenges they faced upon moving to the U.S.
RK and RD talk about how their life experiences and identities contribute to their work.
RK and RD discuss how their Muslim Faith guides them.
RD and RK appreciate one another.


  • Ramatoulie Deen
  • Reshma Kamal

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Boise State Public Radio

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