Rea’zen Chatman interviews her mother (Ebony Freeman) and her cousin (Kimberly Freeman) about their childhoods.

Recorded January 9, 2018 Archived January 9, 2018 05:43 minutes
Id: APP458103


In this interview, created on January 8, 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri, Rea’zen Chatman (16) interviews her mother, Ebony Freeman (38) and her cousin, Kimberly Freeman (38) about their childhood, grandparents, and challenges. They both talk about their grandmother and her great cooking. Kimberly mentions growing up with all brothers and being the only girl. They both enjoyed giving birth to their first child. They both grew up in Rockford, Illinois and had a great childhood. They explain that education is important and they wish they would have gotten more of it. They encourage me to stay in school and achieve all of my goals.


  • Ebony Freeman
  • Kimberly Freeman
  • Rea’zen Chatman

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