Recalling the Pandemic Life When COVID-19 Went Global.

Recorded December 6, 2021 Archived December 6, 2021 32:56 minutes
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I have a lovely chat with my big brother Rhon Matthew (22) on how he got his current job and how he handled living in the Philippines during the pandemic’s highest peak. My big brother had went to Silliman University located in Dumaguete, Philippines just as I went to 8th grade, which was around 2018-19. The coronavirus began to become a pandemic, and our school was effected by the lock down, which happened March 16, 2020. My big brother was at the Philippines at the time, as well as my dad. So now, he tells me his experiences during the pandemic and how he handled things in the Philippines, as he came back to the United States.


  • Rhon Matthew Galarita
  • Ryan Michael Galarita

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