Regina Mitchell and E. Mitchell

Recorded September 30, 2020 Archived September 30, 2020 47:09 minutes
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Spouses Regina Mitchell [no age given] and E. Stanley "Stan" Mitchell [no age given] reflect on their marriage and share how it all started on a chance meeting and a piece of gum. They talk about their professional and academic successes and how it led them to Canada, Europe and eventually Las Vegas, the challenges they faced when Regina lost her vision and how they continue to build trust through consideration.

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E. Stanley shares that he had been reflecting on their marriage and how it all started on a chance meeting and a piece of gum.
Regina: "What made you ask me to marry you 3 weeks later?" Stanley: "It was like a love that I had never known before. She's the companion of my life that I didn't even know I was looking for."
Regina talks about her favorite memories in Canada. She describes the sounds of the car pulling into the driveway. Stanley: "Without fail you always wait for me at the front door."
Regina talks about leaving British Columbia to go to Seattle Culinary School. Stanley asks Regina what it was like to leave him to go live in Seattle by herself.
Stanley talks about Regina reminding him of Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy. When she shared that she wanted to go to Europe to learn from master chefs for a year he kept thinking, "What did I miss? Someone forgot to tell me something."
Stanley: "Marriage is a balancing act and based on my experience with you, if two people really love each other and they really trust each other - and people use the word trust too frivolously - but when you trust the person at their core and everything that they do they are considering makes all of the difference in the world."
Stanley remembers loving the experience of visiting Regina in Europe. Stanley: "I got to see all of that because I trusted you considered me in that decision."
Regina talks about moving to Las Vegas to work at the MGM Casino as a chef and then asks Stanley how he felt when she got sick.
Stanley remembers the doctor having tears in his eyes when they shared that Regina was not going to get her vision back. He asks Regina what it was like to go blind so quickly. Regina: "It happened so fast I don't think I had a chance to grasp what was going on. All I could think of is I'm still a wife, I'm still a mom, I'm still all these things. I just struggled a lot. Blindness is something where your vision can't be corrected but I had functional vision. When one member of your body is hurting the rest of your body is really challenged. Things just happened so fast and you were so good to me I didn't think I was blind."
Stanley: "Who loses their vision and then decides they're going to go back to school full-time? That's my wife. That's Lucy." Regina remembers that Stanley read all of her books for her. She remembers that encouraged Stanley to go back to school.
Regina talks about the National Federation of the Blind and how she became the president. Regina shares that she wanted to share her culinary skills to serve the blind community. "Just because you are blind doesn't mean that we want to have food cooked for us all the time or meals brought over to us. We want to have independence and we want to be able to do it ourselves." She remembers thinking she could teach someone how to cook. "When I gave a young man an egg to crack that was the first time he had ever held an egg in his whole life. That moment gave me more gratitude and awareness than traveling all around the world. Because he took something so simple as an egg....and he never ever had held or cracked an egg and we were able to experience that together."
Stanley shares that he thought Regina's eyes were going to miraculously open and she would be able to see again in the future. He shares one day he realized that she didn't have to get better. Stanley: "It's okay if it doesn't get better because I remember it in my vows. I remember what I said that this was going to be for better for worse, for sickness and in health."
Stanley: "Every day that I have with her is another day that I have with her and I want to make the best of it whether it's chemotherapy or anything else."
Stanley: "Thank you for choosing to be Mrs. E. Stanley Mitchell." Regina: "Thank you for asking me."


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