Rene Ceniceros and Rosalie Crotts

Recorded December 29, 2019 Archived January 16, 2020 34:12 minutes
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Rosalie Crotts (66) speaks with her father Rene Ceniceros (90) about meeting her mother when they were young, in East Los Angeles, and the life they built together.


  • Rene Ceniceros
  • Rosalie Crotts

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00:01 Hello, this is Rosalie Kratts. I'm 66 years old on today December 29th of 2019. We're hearing in Norwalk, California where I grew up with my parents, and I'm Renee's daughter.

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00:19 Dad how about you full movie Last artist Maya Morena series arrows

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00:34 Play Mary. Did you know that those mean?

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00:52 It's Angela. I mean.

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01:05 That's all a story of little kid and dad. Are we looking at these pictures of you? And he's there's a beautiful picture of you and Mom when you first met like I might tell me about that OSF St. Therese Condor when I first met your mom tell me so I can understand English in English. What do you think I'm talking right now? Okay, go ahead.

01:32 That's what I met your mom. We are just at work birdie. She was just a baby and you know, you can see that I don't know whether she's

01:41 Walking a lot what I'm not trying to make jokes, you know, she is 13 or 14 years old when I get there. I've heard there's been so many years ago.

02:00 Back when I saw her she was a little boy that's for me to know and I just fell for her and I guess you felt the same for me because we're sorry and I had to go ask her father burgers and my father before I could take her to the show. So but the head company in order to get rid of her they say yeah, go ahead go to go to the show potential to later. We went to the show and then after that.

02:32 To go eat Kobayashi hot dog or something like that.

02:41 So from there, I know and I said my life was just going at work.

02:48 All right, so I can tell you some some money so I can call and take her out or did you do after that show any place, you know, so we are going up and going to parties or around the neighborhood. They want their her Furs in my prayers are real strict. Can you know we going to go out just because I wanted to let you know I have my chores around the house. That was first I had to do ya take out the trash and do this and do that. Whatever and then my friend is I have to make sure that you know, my dad was

03:28 But you're in a good mood when I go asking cuz I dad can I go out to eat tonight? So I won't stay too long. I'll be just around the corner where you go or not with how I met this girl, you know, I want to meet her and all that. I want to know who she is and do that parents know you're going out, but excuse me.

03:52 We got to the point where that we started going out together and it is inside both of us a boyfriend but didn't know they were going around together and my phone download Nae Nae just history. I just met her I loved her and

04:13 I got to the point that I forget. I think it was a young guys and I've made up my mind. I had the worst five of us my family and three of us were in the service life kids right now, and I had a brother that got killed in Normandy.

04:48 And then my other brother came back and then it was me in a service.

04:57 That's why my mother will my dad they wanted me to go because she had already lost a son in a service.

05:09 But I guess go handle something sort of excuse that word up pain if you know and so I took my training in San Diego and after I finished her they said me, you know, San Francisco and from there if they shipped me off to a Pearl Harbor exciting and from there on that, you know I have in my I think it was three years in the Navy and I came back and

05:51 My wife are still waiting for me so we can marry and there was the best thing in the world for me to God everyday for me.

06:01 Precise I fell in love with herself so much.

06:06 And then I had

06:09 Open Talk.

06:11 A person who loves that was my brother. No, no, no. No, I'm sorry, but you know, how terrible I don't know how I did it, but they got grown up and then they got married in the last one left the house with my wife and I when I just happened at the married Girls by and then we're headed Grande kisses. So that was terrible to you know, I got rid of my kids but that's a grand scale as well and it was even worse than you cuz then I had to behave myself strong example that you're married now and

07:11 You have your hair so but otherwise, I'm in all I had a most I would say I have a perfect life. God has been so good to me and my wife.

07:25 I'm so glad that I met her.

07:28 And it's been one of those Miracles at I'd call it a miracle because there's a stay at your house miss you so much and I got pictures of her all over the house at

07:41 Just kidding Grand help it and you know, I was looking looking at the house and remembering to remember buying your house here with Mom. Yeah, and how what was it like it was I can't even describe it because the house is a bill from for the GI is coming back, you know, and there were at that time. We saw two $10,000 squares a lot of money $10,000 is going to be paying for the Wii Lipton belong to the Japanese during the second world war so that they picked him up and put him in the government so that the guy that they had they didn't know if they had other things hitting it whatever the government took it over and then they start to

08:41 And then your side building started coming home, you know, so I guess that's a good place to start building homes for for us that we're coming home place i b l e g i homes that were going for $10,000. So, you know, there's a three-bedroom home for $10,000 or so. Did you away what's up with it wasn't her. But that's what the Garmin did for us. She is coming home you deserved it. And also we got they had three models and it made in it then my wife and I came over to see him and she like this on there.

09:23 Fan here. We are in end you guys remember do you remember when that house was ready? And they gave you the keys walking through the door. We were the first ones to come in open the door and brand new home and they smell so pretty and I try to pick her up and carry her like that but I couldn't because I was strong as I used to be about that. We did make it in and here we are living here since I didn't come with this right didn't you do a lot of the work here yourself? I did.

10:02 Record a all of it. That's the same I trade what was a carpenter and I used to do what I used to like to do things with would just about everything and and that black guy to Bill to the house that got built. Then I had a carpenter, and it was a friend of mine, but I stay inside my mother wants to buy my helper and then my mother and then I built the kitchen but all the neighbors around here to get excited to move in or GI soon so that we had each other that we helped in the mornings and make parties for you and all that and I remember when you cut the inmate put the bar in our did she does at the most of the houses around here though some of the houses that they used to have for your service.

11:02 She commanded they like them so I helped him. I like my next door neighbor across the street and I'm a 30. I think there is three or four houses that make the bar bracket location and we've been here ever since and then. We had a bunch of brats to get that my daughters are my my sons, but I'm glad because I got blessed with them and just asked about you and your grandmother was right and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren also.

11:44 So that's all okay with this beautiful picture of you and Mom when you got married, yeah, how is that day or Adele secret? It's only for no. I don't want to know but what was your wedding? You must have been a beautiful?

12:07 I guess you can tell put it on this pictures.

12:11 She's a beautiful woman. But here's here's before any back is after we've been married quite a while. So that's that's her right there. And it's as you can see, I don't know where you are. But the people they're here right now cuz she's a difference in a year. You said that the first one that was taken in in September 1st, 1932 and December 28th, 2018. I don't know what that 431. I don't know. I don't remember. They've been so many years ago.

12:57 But she was a beautiful woman and I thank God so much for giving me such a beautiful wife and I miss her so much. Did you enjoy living in this neighborhood for song?

13:14 All of us will move to this house is too big for 64 betters. You know, you have to be in the service. It's all the guys that moved here. When I'm in the same boat that I was just speaking and and saw that they had no friends, but the ones that were so we're moving in so we started going so far. So tell me where you still get together every so often just to Neighborhood, you know, they make parties working with word. You know, I've been like a son of a carpenter and not die building like a view going to work to drink some places. I have a bar and it was easy for me to build the signal in the homes.

14:12 So that's what we used to do various off and go from home to home. They have the party and even though it was across the street or something different, you know, I'm going through and here we are after so and I remember from the parties even though they weren't for us that you and mom loved to dance together. I still do it might know really might you might arrange that you know, how I put music especially with like Grandma Lauren and Frank Sinatra and all those, you know, and I started my mind I start I can see myself dancing with your mom, you know, because she was too beautiful a litterbug. I'm sorry the Jitterbug home theater seating to whatever.

15:12 Stop me if you know but I had a beautiful a beautiful wedding is growing up with my wife and I say growing up because she was young too young for that sort of broken up a little bit. I had been in place of business service. So, you know, and I know I got to go meet people and see other. How are the people lived, you know, this is very exciting to know how I people get together to where they have their their party shouldn't drink and whatever. Yeah.

15:57 Sorry to hear of Fortune debut year old girl blessed by that in love my wife so much to this day. I wish you were here in a better place. And I remember that she used to always make sure your dinner was cooked when you got home from work while I was working at a time for a cheat code for children from her mom and I was just so Mexican food Marina Frijoles and

16:42 The soup homemade soap to use to wash a marketing and buy that for that bone, but sometimes we got to go to be a good customer with a bush and she used to say was special bones. They have to decide. I don't know what to call it now and then we get all that flavor from that. You know, it was it was it was a real good music they don't they don't do that no more. I don't think for some reason they stopped but do we have

17:16 I hope you have a nice to Growing Up we grow up together in a bunch of brats, which is you. But I think your brats are pretty lucky. I don't know if your home from work and Dance With Me. George place and I read you save this. I'm blessed that God gave me you very much Google. I don't think that I would have survived. If you don't even know if you see all my gray hair that I had and because I'm almost bald now. That was a great hair cream from Utica.

18:16 Because you know what I got mine back from you and you know, what phone you said you were well you and Mom you guys used to travel used to go on cruises and some of the places you went to do all that. I know you went to Hawaii. I went to Hawaii and I remember you went on a cruise like that Mediterranean and the door just a closer together here to the city. They just go have fun. Yeah, you know, but we were so young that we were the little that we travel Rochester Joy, I believe that God gave both of us because I didn't know I was a hard worker, but we didn't make that much money.

19:16 Is it done something right that God gave us a gift and we were really appreciate it or did you work at you? Remember you worked at not too far from here right to all of us not video stream place for those nice trailers Airstream trailers and you still

19:42 Santa Fe springs on the fridge freezer and I was lucky I lied when the first graders for a long time and all that in my life from the minute. I walked into that office making up stories and I guess I need some help that they do they got to believe me or you say this guy is crazy enough to work for nothing, you know, so they hired me and my style be alive and we stay with that for myself, I don't know how many years until they can they go to the point that they said they had to move from here and not I really don't know where that they still make the Airstream trailer. Oh, yeah, but I don't know where they're at. Didn't you end up being your job you got supervisor or I got to be

20:39 Assistant superintendent of a company, but that's because I used to be a hard worker and I always liked working with wood in the shed and I've been blessed. It's the only thing I've ever seen that I have a special to you guys. You know that I've been blessed with a lot of good hard work and blessings and after that for you to go didn't you work for Allenby?

21:12 I know that was before it was before I was I was with L&B that they used to be a Furniture in the four of us in the shop and we used to make our friendship for the for the patio. You know, I just happened to hit at lock. Anyone said it was located downtown LA. So I had to take the bus and everything and then they start to they move from there and I couldn't I couldn't move with them because I can travel that far.

21:52 So that's when when I found the job so I wouldn't want to hear their strength and then and then we can still hear do remember how many years I think he's been married. I think 70 he really long time. I know that that got gave me a great gift and it was your mom. She was still is

22:28 That wonderful person. Yes, and I'll never if I think I think you are too so together at work very well. I worked. Okay. Yeah struggle.

22:41 Because they're from you last time you even though you ate beans, you know were delicious every Hollister jeans. Yeah. Yeah, but today I made him this way. Okay, but you're still being so regardless how you're made of

23:01 Anyway

23:03 I enjoy everything that's good. And well, I know you helped her to enjoy it all I was blessed by God with you when I met her and I'm still thankful for her. I hear music from Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra and all those that we used to dance or who you're young and I can't help but remember your mom we were young and I just

23:42 Start crying because they bring back very good memories. You know that.

23:50 So that's that's about it, you know.

23:54 Well, that's good. And so we're so lucky. No, I'm black. I'm very lucky. I know it's a method that I thank God. I feel blessed that he gave me such a beautiful family lawyer. I think that that came from you raising us you and Mom raised us like your mom did most of the work is I was always working and I had to learn the living till your father gets home so bad once I used to have a cage in the back what I used to put you guys for a while, but you're so funny. And so now that now you're you're just relaxing and enjoying ye trying to enjoy that.

24:54 It's a good marriage memories of you every moment that I can sit here and just think of it. Good thing. You said we had they look like I keep saying that everything that I have and I own and we did came through card and I can't forget that and I'm thankful for that and I just

25:17 I just remembered and start crying because those are good things that we had.

25:26 So this

25:29 I know she's waiting for me.

25:32 Where she is at 9 or she's on better, please.

25:36 Then then we'll head before watches worth.

25:42 She swore it said yes, then you can continue your party's right?

25:55 Right away. We had a lot of good memories all of us together and you guys have been real good and I'm blessed with that too. I'm not religious, but I know where

26:11 What question is come from and that's the my Lord me right, you know?

26:17 And I'm

26:18 For that I am blessed.

26:21 And they're going to continue. Well, I hope she'll like when I breathe, well you going to be 91 Sue 91 and I feel like that guy. I know I don't look like a million dollars, but I feel like a man and I think you look pretty pretty good for 91.

26:44 That has that got to do with me Lord. Every time I sneeze I can feel my my six is Gordon spider light and yourself. You can make anyone laugh, right, huh?

27:11 You're so handsome, though always happen.

27:18 That's what I said. So handsome.

27:21 And is there anything else you do you think like when you worked when you went on a with Mom on a cruise or how do you know it was good as when you went to when you would go to San Diego take a drive to San Diego to go see Uncle Stanny. Oh, yeah. Yeah for breakfast Capistrano Capistrano Capistrano. That was fun hanging out. Yo, yeah. Oh, yeah that. I'm just going off.

27:55 Package stores open

27:58 Excuse me, and I remember back in the day when you would say after dinner. Let's go for a ride and we the kids thought that we would going really far because of all the Oil Well through and we were just going where

28:15 Just to Santa Fe Springs right there right down the street. There was a ride because my horse and buggy wasn't very good. I had to get off and then but the horse and give him to eat and all that right now or when we went to the beach and you'd hold me and or hold us and you know individually and close your eyes. I'm going to take you to that island and shut my eyes and I thought how did Mom get to the silent because it's a where did you do? You just tricked us off at 5, but I don't really like to do it within you and I'm sorry to say this, but I want to drown you in but I never got the nerve to say we're lucky.

29:10 Excuse me, cuz we could I couldn't figure out how could Mom Be At This Island when she was just at the beach?

29:18 I have a I have this picture here that your mom and I

29:22 We're just going around together and to me it every time I see you have to bring back so many good memories and it's a picture of We Will We Will We Will Young.

29:36 Now

29:39 I'm going to show it to the camera so that I can record.

29:43 Can you see it don't say nothing. But anyway.

29:49 And I think that's about it with my life. I feel blessed and I'm so thankful to God for giving me such a beautiful family.

30:01 And for

30:04 I'm still here. You are you you know and still looking good though. Why and you still got your drink there and done with my dimples on my shoulders don't like doesn't bother are we going to say your dimples are at your niece?

30:28 Can I watch ID dad and some you are you taught me that I could tell the truth?

30:57 Oh, her name is Carmen Reyes famous arrows.

31:04 Sports David Renee, which is a wonderful man, and I'm going to talk with my wife cuz you should have cruise and I hate to lie. Sorry Carmen Carmen is my wife's name.

31:26 That was a lucky one. She keeps telling me that even in my dreams. She was lucky but no, I'm the one that's talking for Metter. It wouldn't have met her even though she was just a little girl. I'm sorry to say this, but she didn't give me to have known no Naples yet. You know what? That's alright, that's alright, they grew after that, you know.

31:51 That she used to remember where we going to go watch.

31:58 Back and that's what you are trying to get him or her shoulders and then we go out.

32:06 I got company here. I'm sorry. You're going to have to squeeze by now if I used only to tell the truth and

32:18 As I sit here.

32:23 That was a lie. I make it up.

32:27 Beautiful dad

32:34 The way she looks are that's always used to be in mom didn't change much at all. She still had dark hair and no wrinkles and like

32:45 God gave me another chance or

32:48 But I just I don't have worship enough to express my

32:53 I love for my wife.

32:56 I think I heard.

32:59 Sometimes I start crying because I miss you so much.

33:04 Before her somewhere.

33:09 How to take a

33:11 I will have what I have and go.

33:14 I think Korean gods.

33:20 I'm sorry.

33:22 I'm sorry, don't be sorry. It's perfectly fine it that you miss Mom and love her like you do with a lucky ones to be able to see all that live with it.

33:36 I love you back.

33:40 Wherever you are. I miss you.

33:44 I still love you so much.

34:00 Holistic, okay.

34:03 You okay Dad you want a tissue?