Rene Marino and Micah Marino

Recorded June 5, 2020 Archived June 5, 2020 40:12 minutes
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Rene Secilia Marino (68) speaks with her son, Micah Marino (29), about some life experiences that have prepared them for the pandemic of COVID-19. Secilia talks about the loss of her job as a preschool teacher and Micah talks about the effects of the pandemic on his business as a parkour instructor.

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RM talks about how living at her cabin prepared her for COVID-19. MM talks about how his childhood in Montana prepared him for the pandemic.
RM talks about MM's interpersonal skills and empathy.
MM remembers the trampoline that RM bought him for his birthday as a kid.
RM talks about bringing MM into the world "intentionally". MM talks about his older sister, and shares thoughts on living apart as they grew up.
MM reflects on things he would do differently in running his business.
RM and MM both talk about losing their work during COVID-19: RM talks about the loss of her job as a preschool teacher and MM discusses his business.
MM shares what he has learned from RM.
RM tells MM what she appreciates about him.


  • Rene Marino
  • Micah Marino (b. 1990)

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