"Returning and Relearning in Bejing, China." an interview with Qingyun Duan

Recorded March 21, 2019 Archived March 21, 2019 15:59 minutes
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When Quinyan Duan was a student in China, he found his way into hydropower engineering. He wanted to pursue a graduate degree but couldn’t find the right professor to guide him. He took the difficult step of applying in the US and landed at the University of Arizona in his early 20s. For a young scientist who wanted to study extreme events, that may have been the perfect personal analogy.

After 25 years in America, he had to opportunity to run a team in China, a completely different experience than running one stateside. His hometown underwent significant changes since he had last lived there and he had to relearn the entire scientific system he’d become accustomed to in the US. Finally, feeling adjusted and free to work on the projects he finds most inspiring, Quinyan is working on a book for the first time and continuing to develop his groundbreaking prediction system. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


  • Qingyun Duan
  • Greg Rorth
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